This Elfloat Live Looks Amazing

I always initially feel like I spend too much energy on Elfloat (and really all parts of the Blue Forest family), on account of their being very, very idol by default, but then I spend a few minutes with them and realize that “heavy idols” can mean different things, and that “I like loud and hard music” and “I like idol music” can have interesting intersections sometimes. I do it every time it comes up, actually.

So, to whit, this pretty sweet live video:

That’s “Shall we dance”, from their ZEPP Tokyo show a little while back. Leaving alone the fact that, hey, ZEPP show, I feel like I need to give this a degree of props that I maybe can’t really explicate; it’s we’re-actually-totally-traditional-idols-but-doing-kind-of-metal-reminiscent-hard-rock-that’s-also-very-idolly while putting on a pretty impressive visual show, simultaneously big budget (in general) and low budget (for the venue, probably), really putting the onus on the performers to sell the emotion in the music.

And they do a good job! It’s even got some certifiably nasty moments, of which I obviously double-approve.

Maybe there’s an additional sub-club of idols who dabble in this kind of sound and image, like a sensible way to put together Elfloat and Diamondollfy and STARMARIE … well, STARMARIE and everybody else, to be frank, but you know what I mean.