It’s Time to Look at KissBeeWEST

I told one of you guys (Rain? Was it you?) that you should go to this festival and make a point of seeing KissBeeWEST, for they are good and cool, and said receiver of the recommendation was like, OH WOW YEAH THEY ARE COOL THANKS MANIAC! Proof, once again, that you should always listen to me, for I have impeccable taste. Also, yesterday PIH was like, bro, have you ever KissBeeWESTed? And I replied, for goodness sake’s child, yes. I also admitted that I was going to publish something about them, which was true, as I was originally going to do it on Tuesday but got too busy for words, which is partly why that other post about bee stuff came out the way it did.


Pretty cool, right? Go learn more about them. Follow them on Twitter. Go with god.

The video above and the one below are part of a little bit of a blitz of KissBeeWEST at the moment, as they just released their first album, inexplicably because why but explicably because idol titled REBORN.

Here’s the title track, live:

KissBeeWEST, as the name implies, is spun off from Kiss Bee (there’s even a trainee group), and both entities are part of a larger agency thing based in Osaka. You know how I love Kansai idols in general, so of course that was going to be something I’d like.

Anyway, strong preference for the indies and underground aside, I will always welcome when rock sounds and idols are combined at even the uppermost echelons of the Idol Superpyramid.