The ‘DAWNSLAYER’ MV Has Arrived!

And without further ado:

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I Love When Oyasumi Hologram Gets a Little Loud

This is so cool, you guys: So Oyasumi Hologram, who I can never believe only have the level of support that they do among Westerners, given that they’re incredibly great — at making their dreamy, ethereal, arty alt-whatever — have started a new project with a three-piece band (or potentially as a three-piece band, nuance is hard), and that project has a demo, and they’re promoting both of them with this out-of-nowhere MV for “machine song”:

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Cuz I’m EEEEEEEEEEEE! Like Monday Morning

So remember that potentially-very-cool project EEEEEEEEEEEE! from a little while back? It continues to move forward, albeit with all the deliberate intensity of a bathroom remodel at Maniac Mansion*, and today released unto the world this live video for “Better off alone”:

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This Is the REGiNA KiSS Video That You’re Going to Watch

You guys are always, predictably blase toward REGiNA KiSS, which is dumb because they’re solidly in the better-than-bad camp, but I can almost guarantee that this video of the members in bikinis while singing a song that’s one big sexual innuendo will get at least a few additional people’s attention:

Holler if you knew that Kanna had so much tattoo

That’s pretty fun, right? Are you not entertained? WHAT DOES REGiNA KiSS NEED TO DO TO GET YOU TO LOVE THEM? These true indie idols aren’t going to be able to feed themselves if you don’t start giving them more support.

Bring on the APOKALIPPPS

Edit: Not enough P!

Finally! Pure Idol Heart shared the original preview for this new project a couple of weeks back, and I literally forgot about it until it came back up this morning because they finally made their debut.


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Here’s a Whole Bunch of Crap from @JAM

Let’s make it a running thing, gang, as I know that rips are being sent to copyright hell on a consistent basis; let’s at least have one nice archive.

Hey team! Shame on me for not starting this off at a more appropriate time, but, well, I had my hands full. But it’s the JAM Expo, easily the #2 on the idol summer calendar and in fact even bigger than TIF in terms of sheer output. A bunch of our favorites have been in the mix, so let’s dispense with the pleasantries and focus just on the meat:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da!

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Life Is Meaningless

Hey team. I’m in a particularly nihilistic mood at the moment for a whole mess of reasons, so I thought that I’d dig out something that I enjoyed once a little while back and fits where I’m at.

This is HAPPIPPI. This is a passable idol rock song by them.

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Is This Curtains for BILLIE IDLE?

Just like how the double live album/Best Of compilation set my heart a patterin’, I think this latest announcement from BILLIE IDLE has all the ominous and so far none of the relief:

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You Are Unprepared for How Loud This Album Is Going to Be

Oh, man, you guys. You guys! It’s been a while since we’ve really concerned ourselves with Cure, at least once upon a time the loudest damn idols in a very loud Osaka scene. But first adding a ton of members and then losing a crapton of them (including the terrifyingly adorable Kokeshi-chan) could have led one to believe that maybe the long-simmering-but-never-boiling Cure would only ever be what they already were.

But screw that. They’re putting out an album:

Thanks, Jason!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #41

Welcome to Saturday! I had a bad week. But we had a great one! #WorldDotmination was our most successful fan-to-idol tribute event yet, and … well, it was actually kind of a slow week, or it seemed like it because I had a bad case of the Trying to Dies. I’ll try to avoid that in the future.

Summer’s almost over, too, it suddenly dawns on me. Time to make some lemonade and chomp on a cigar while mowing the lawn! If I had kids to swear at, I’d do that, too. As for you guys, play the Fun and take a fun little stroll through the Weekender!

This Is Gonna Be Stupid, Isn’t It?

Friend of the show Amina du Jean has me very excited about her project:

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