Arrow Heart Lives!

Let’s talk about a love of mine, gang. It’s a pretty lame week, after all, and you take the small victories when you can get them.

If you’ve been around a while, you may remember the time that I declared that I would do whatever was necessary to aid the success of one Arrow Heart, a two-member subgroup of a fairly insignificant idol project that’s part of a … well, what matters is that they made music like FRUITPOCHETTE Lite, and those two (originally three!) members just idoled ever so hard for literal handfuls of wota at various local events, but it all wound up on YouTube. I was moved! That’s dedication; I wanted them to, well, become something in the way that I used to imagine the choir director at this one church probably used to wish that she’d taken that one chance to New York for an audition, but was gamely leading retirees and whoever’s kid was in the high school chorus through all-too-familiar arrangements of holiday hymns while he own life devolved into middle age.


I followed, though, and took as many opportunities as possible to share my love. But then, one day, I noticed that Arrow Heart wasn’t sharing new stuff on YouTube anymore, and their official Twitter was mostly just sharing stuff from the main group. And I thought, well, another idol bites the dust, and I went back to obsessing over Yanakoto Sotto Mute business.


The title of the post says it all — Arrow Heart lives! Xaneg, bless you for discovering this and bringing this wonderful news to my attention. This is what they’re like now:

You think, that looks sad, but they’re all pretty much like that

Char T Saki also stepped up that, yeah, alive, but also semi on ice for the time being because, of course, high school exams. Still, for Wednesday, the traditional feast day in honor of indie idols, this is a pretty good thing to have.

One thought on “Arrow Heart Lives!

  1. Senpai noticed me!
    I was using Arrow Heart to explain a point about why I like idol to a friend of mine (they try so hard for so little reward) and noticed this new (month-old) video.
    Do you think we can get them up to 100 views on YouTube before next school year?

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