Thinks Are Looking Pretty Good for the Lolisyn REBOOT

I’m particularly calling out this performance from the Sekigahara Idol Wars because it’s basically our first real good look at the rebooted Lolisyn, and because their sister group got the treatment yesterday, and because it was in high demand on Twitter and I am nothing if not a people pleaser:

Upon being pinged with a suggestion for more info, our good friend Jul also responded with this thread that includes a bunch of information on the new Lolisyn and the thoughts of fans of the group going back through its various iterations.

5 thoughts on “Thinks Are Looking Pretty Good for the Lolisyn REBOOT

  1. Well, we were looking forward to this. Although not bad at all sound wise, our days of screaming are in our rear view mirror,but we won’t disregard them on that basis, as it fits well with the musical and perhaps the lyrical content.
    What leaves us wanting is the visual presentation. THIS IS METAL LADIES.
    Part of the representation is attitude. And attitude is what helps to convince us that you’re serious about what you’re doing and not just a prop, or as referred to back in the day as a poser.
    We understand that many of these idols aren’t necessarily going for the typical choreo style, and that;s fine, but how about some headbanging and some hair whips.Stage diving? Crowd surfing?
    Full commitment and embracing all aspects of the genre is what we desire.

    Perhaps with the Olympics approaching, we should pit idol vs. idol in an epic, metal style showdown.
    *Best Headbang/Hair Whip
    *Best Scream/Growl
    *Best Stagedive/Crowd Surf
    All for our own amusement of course, but also keeping with promotional theme of this site,giving live, visual representation of who is truly “Down With The Cause. Any takers?

    • Send any of them to go watch a few guso drop lives and they’ll be ready in no time, heck it looks like even the timid girls from Deepgirl learnt a few tricks from the guso live they went to the other day xD

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