I Don’t Care if You Think That My Babymetal Theory Is Crazy, Cuz It’s Not

I’ve referenced before my feeling that something big and unexpected is going to happen on the culminating evening of Babymetal‘s back-to-back tour final at the Tokyo Dome. That tends to be how and when they make major announcements — world tour, albums, etc. — but there’s something in the air for this one, and I’ve been trying to get a handle on it.

Based on a photo released this morning, I finally think I know what that big and unexpected thing is going to be, and we’re none of us going to like it.

I think somebody/ies is/are leaving Babymetal.

Please, for the love of the Fox God, take this post with the grain of salt it’s being written with.

Have a look at these shirts:

Oh, look, it’s even more merch for the Tokyo Dome shows! In typical Babymetal fashion, one is appropriate for the Hot Topic crowd, one embraces the design excesses of deathcore, and one very well sums up their penchant for the epic (the one that Yuimetal’s holding, in case you couldn’t tell).

Let’s take a closer look at each:

  1. The shirt being held by Su-metal depicts the three members holding hands in a circle, viewed from above, their own heads turned upward toward the viewer, their eyes wide, their color pallid blue and white.

    The first take on this one is that the girls are positioned in a manner similar to a magical invocation, holding hands in a trinity form within the shape of a circle; in the Christian sense, the encircled trinity could denote holiness and totality. It may also symbolize ascension.

    The other primary way of viewing this image is that it is one of death. The girls’ posture is similar to that of a trio playing Ring Around the Rosie; their features are not unlike those of corpses struck down by plague.

    Note also that Su-metal’s expression is the one a person makes when trying to hint an obvious inference to another person: “See? Get it?”

  2. Turning next to Moametal, her shirt is entirely devoted to the afterlife in the Judaeo-Christian sense: Set in a ring are zodiacal and alchemical symbols that encircle a demonic door-knocker cast in the style of the Fox God itself. The font of the band’s textmark is reminiscent of death metal and other death-X genres’ performers’ logotypes.

    The death in this case is symbolic, particularly so in light of the employ of alchemy; to be reborn in a higher state requires one to first die, both in allusion to and in fulfillment of the Christ Mythos. It is an invitation to literally knock on death’s door; whether heaven or hell awaits on the other side is unknown.

    Moametal’s expression is typical for her, a playful boredom.

  3. The final shirt, held by Yuimetal, is the ultimate key. In its design, the three members of Babymetal stand in triune formation in the middle distance, their backs turned as if they are moving further into the field. Surrounding them are spheres as typically depicted in late medieval iconography, which itself was inspired by art from the classical Hellenic period (along with the notion of the heavens being spheres encircling the earth); there is writing, illegible, on the spheres themselves, and beneath them five wheels emblazoned with additional alchemical symbols.

    The girls themselves are moving in the direction of a bright, star-shaped light at the focal point of the design; at the back of the field (it is difficult to tell in this resolution) may be some form of star imagery typically employed by Babymetal. Reaching into the foreground, though, as if growing from the girls themselves — but as if they are one being rather than three — are wings, three per side to total six.

    666 (six three times) is the Number of the Beast, and it has previously appeared in Babymetal’s work (particularly in the promotional video for Legend 1999). It is the number of the Anti-Christ, the false one. This is likely only a coincidence, though, as the six wings are actually representative of a seraph, an angelic being that exists to sing the praises of God. St. Thomas Aquinas associated the seraphim with excessive positive force, energy and ascension toward the Most High; in this sense, the seraphim are also associable with apotheosis, the process of deification.

    So we see in this final shirt the realization of messages, based on the use of Western religious and occult symbolism, that figurative death awaits at the Tokyo Dome, and that figurative death will be irreversibly changing for Babymetal as a whole.

    Yuimetal’s expression is similar to Su-metal’s, albeit far more serious, even ominous.

“This is crazy, Maniac,” I just heard you say while making a wanking motion (I heard that, too). But hear me out: There is plenty of reason to believe that all of this is not only deliberate, but sending a very clear message, and it all boils down to this:

The Babymetal Illuminati Is Real

People have been saying it for a while now, citing the pyramidal iconography and use of the all-seeing eye, but this is all the confirmation that anybody needs:

Awesome drawing of Babymetal's four Tokyo shows forming a triangle with the Tokyo Dome at the dead center

And if the Babymetal Illuminati is real, and the actual Illuminati is supposed to be about worldwide conspiracies and leaving traceable clues for Tom Hanks to solve just in time to expose the Big Bad’s plots and schemes, then it stands to reason that Babymetal is up to the same thing.

Game of Thrones gif - Plots and schemes are the same thing: Tyrion Lannister
Shut up, Internet!

What is this big tour finale being called?

Doomsday is coming. The end of the world. Legend Metal Resistance. Red Night / Black Night. That is, directly drawing parallels to the twin shows at Nippon Budokan that kicked the Babymetal legend into an unstoppable global force, as was intended.

It really doesn’t get bigger than the Tokyo Dome, and Babymetal isn’t going to suddenly embark on an interstellar tour.

Unless …
Aliens guy from Ancient Aliens

But if we line up all of these facts, more evidence emerges. Red in early Christian art was the color of the highest heaven, of holy fire and flame; black is traditionally the color of death and mourning. These are not Japanese traditions, but they are the traditions being invoked, and the parallels make it very clear that Babymetal, as we know it, is preparing to ascend per “Tradition” and undergo a spiritual death so as to be born again all the greater.

Within secret societies (such as the Illuminati), that spiritual death is typically a metaphorical one only, but an entity like Babymetal is more appropriately viewed as a projection of something else, as if from the very Platonic notion of consciousness. As such, a spiritual death for Babymetal and/or its members would be pointless; on the other hand, the metaphorical physical death of members would create the new Babymetal before the fans’ very eyes.

Whose Death?

Consider the evidence. The three shirts for sale at the Tokyo Dome point at one possibility, as do the expressions of the members.

Of the three shirts, only one does not depict Babymetal at all (except in script), but the Fox God instead at the entry point into the afterlife. The member holding that shirt, rather than looking as if she is signaling the viewer, seems to be accepting her fate.

This seems to have been years in the making, perhaps as a necessary sacrifice to increase Babymetal’s power. Recall when they visited London (a noted center of alchemy under John Dee and Roger Bacon) late in 2014 and, in the course of their tour visited the Abbey Road Studios.

What is the significance of that?

In the first place, the Beatles made their final recordings as the Beatles in that studio; the group was already metaphorically dying at the time. More significantly, though, is the album’s cover art, of the band members crossing Abbey Road itself; Paul McCartney’s bare feet sparked wild international rumors that he had, in fact, died and been replaced.

The cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album

Babymetal’s visit to the same studio included their re-enacting that famous street crossing. Pay attention to the positions of the members, front to back.

It could not be clearer.

Is It the End?

Nothing about Babymetal’s current trajectory suggests anything other than the continuation of the project. Regardless of the events at the Tokyo Dome, there will be a Babymetal on Sept. 21.

We’ll miss Moametal, but Babymetal will be stronger for her sacrifice.

37 thoughts on “I Don’t Care if You Think That My Babymetal Theory Is Crazy, Cuz It’s Not

  1. Just to add fuel to the fire… In their solo merch shots only Moa is almost unrecognizable as if she has already departed from this world and only a shadow is remaining.
    I’m sure we can find more clue…

      • So, Moa is destined to die now. Before that it was Su with her crucifixion. Back then they were too young to do anything about it, but now they’re older and can think for themselves.
        Yui realizes the danger and succeeds with difficulty to convince Su (because due to her previous sacrifice she’s almost completely enthralled by Kitsune-sama).
        Su becomes infected with BBM’s rebelliousness and becomes a Queen of the Night snatching Moa from the jaws of K-sama while Yui diverts K-sama’s attention with a dance.
        Without having BM as their sacrifice K-sama perishes and the girls are free to go their own way and create their own destiny.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I think it’s more likely that it symbolizes the fox god is going to die (first shirt) and is getting revived by the girls or he gives all his power to them (second) and they set off for an even bigger journey up from now (third).
    (Or they fail to revive the fox god with the alchemy circle and Moa’s body, Su’s leg and Yui’s arm get taken away lol)

    But honestly, I think they are just messing around with random symbolism like they are always doing

    • /breaks character for a second/

      Yeah, the big reveal is probably another tour or album or something equally benign-but-exciting. But I LOVE where you guys are going with this death-of-the-Fox-God thing. That’s really rich and REALLY interesting from the standpoint of their mythology. Yes, “we’re grown women now, we chart our own destiny.”

  3. I think Moametal is the most likely to go her own way. Babymetal is a vehicle for Su after all. When Moa left SG, she said for a time she would walk the path of Babymetal on her journey to becoming a super lady. Mikiko however said that she completely dedicated herself to Babymetal since she left SG.

    Yui is an SG girl, an Amuse girl, and loves to perform. I see her staying.

    But i think you are reading too much into it, there have long been false prophecies about Babymetal and they never pan out. And they had such incredible fun at the AP awards, They are all getting along so well, what is the motivation? In Japan it’s not like Moa can walk across the street and get a recording contract. You would think she would finish high school and possibly university before retiring.

    But, if she were to leave, who would replace? My money is on Hana or Hi-chan

    • I’m sorry, FALSE prophesies? Dean, my friend, there is no such thing. Only prophesy that hasn’t been revealed or realized yet. 🙂

      The question of Babymetal’s future is a really interesting one now, though. Su-metal: College. Before she’s done, Yuimetal and Moametal will be ready for that, too. Then they’re full-on adults. I do think that Amuse has a very long game in mind for Babymetal the entity, but I do wonder how they regard Babymetal the people. It goes back to that whole idol-or-not thing; I still maintain that Japan views them as idols, and that has certain business implications. I wonder how often exceptions are made to the rules by Japanese talent agencies?

      Oh, and I say immediately get Ooga Saki on the line. She’s out of the business for now, but that girl is loaded with talent.

      • With One OK! Rock and Perfume, Amuse kept them together. I think Nippon sees them as Idols and are replaceable, but Heavy Metal fans will not accept replacements. Heck, people still complain about Brian Johnson replacing Bon Scott and Scott died.

        I remember back in 2012 when everyone expected Su to graduate when she left SG. But it did not happen. Now Su has 2 albums which charted worldwide, and idols though they are I think Amuse does not want to chance ruining it, because who do they have that can do better?

        Ooga has a tremendous voice, but she is retired. Hinata has good chemistry with the band and is a talented dancer.

        I heard by the way that Su is not doing university, but is studying music and voice. Her going to school in the US or UK makes sense to improve her English, like Ayami is doing

        • Playing devil’s advocate for a second, do you really think that metal fans wouldn’t accept different sidecars? I think even the hardest of the hardcore would at least begrudgingly keep going with Babymetal as long as Su’s the main voice. And herein we test the actual wota-like brand loyalty of the metal side of the fandom. 🙂

          If Su’s going abroad to study, it’d have to be Australia. It’s the only English-language place she can go where her very presence won’t cause a massive disruption to the local ecosystem — even the death scorpions and death snakes and death jellyfish fear the messenger of Kitsune-sama.

  4. Wow, that’s one hell of an article. I must admit with the name Babymetal, you always felt it was something that would’nt last forever, even though they have literally and figuratively out grown a mere gimmick of being early teen idols doing heavy metal, I always thought it was going to end sooner rather then later. That’s one reason I’m going to that final night in Tokyo, I missed them at Wembley and I don’t want to risk missing out altogether if for whatever reason, they never return to the UK. I just can’t see them still being around called Babymetal in their early twenties, even though that’s a few years off, but the poster I thought was always a hint of something more than the last night of a world tour. I hope they do remain and as a trio as they still have so much more to give. Then again, they could always bring in younger replacements, no, no, I should not think such things.

    BTW HM are you British? I can’t help notice terms like wanker and a reference to the band Lush etc

    • Don’t think of the name Babymetal in an English way. In Asian languages, the written characters have more to do with naming. ベビーメタル is how you write Bebimetaru. ヘビーメタル is how you write hebi metaru (Heavy Metal)

      Babymetal is a play on play on words, a new style of heavy metal. Except for a couple marls on the first character, the words are the same.

    • You sound like my brother! “Please don’t make me fly to Japan on short notice.” 🙂

      I am not British, though I am well-trained in the language. I actually have a number of English and Scots friends who were always good for introducing us Americans to cool things (music, TV, lingo) from home. Never did get the hang of English breakfast, though.

      • Nationality should no longer be a barrier in this world, but I don’t blame you regarding English Breakfasts, especially when you know what goes into black pudding.

  5. You are just confusing reality from fiction…
    the 3 shirts are the typical BM shirts ( manga, fantasy, and brutal), non message beside it; maybe Moa is a bit annoyed for all this merch displaying 🙂 The triangle has the meaning of the perfect equilibrium between the girls;
    I suppose that maybe after the Tokyo dome they will take a temporary break (remaining in BM), for their private things or solo projects;
    moreover the typical number for BM is 444 (you can see they always put 4 fox horns for each girl in the photos), which is the number of the angels

  6. Sorry I’m a bit late to this party, but I was just verifying a few, uh, facts… yeah.

    The announcement on the second night of Tokyo Dome isn’t going to be about death. The theme of this tour is “resurrection”, remember? So the big reveal is actually going to be about a birth. With all this touring in the West the past couple of years, SU and crew haven’t been able to hold any shows in Asia, so KOBAMETAL will unveil:


    Based in Jakarta, MARINA-METAL, AIKOMETAL, and NENEMETAL (all MiniPati alumni) will bring the BABYBONES out of retirement to cover Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia (finally!) with BM goodness while SU, YUI and MOA can continue to concentrate on the West and their native Japan.

    This way, everybody’s happy!

    • My heart just bled openly. So wonderful! What an excellent option. And the limited Asia-Pacific only schedule would let Nene-don continue her nursing studies without too much interruption.

  7. Man, I hate to do this, but I saw this gif and loved it, and I thought it was appropriate to share for people who somehow missed the disclaimer line at the top of the thing.

    The joke. You missed it.

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