Here Are Some Highlights from the Sekigahara Idol Wars

Man, you guys are getting loaded down with awesome free concert footage lately. First glimpses at Idol 2.0’s work, and now the Sekigahara Idol Wars have been putting up an absolute ton of sets from this past weekend.

Until the tweets started to fly last week, I’d never even really heard of the Sekigahara Idol Wars, but it’s clearly a lot of fun and maybe kind of a TIF precursor (and more on TIF coming up soon!). While there were plenty of “regular” idols performing, some of our favorites joined in on the fun and showed why we care. Continue reading

Thinks Are Looking Pretty Good for the Lolisyn REBOOT

I’m particularly calling out this performance from the Sekigahara Idol Wars because it’s basically our first real good look at the rebooted Lolisyn, and because their sister group got the treatment yesterday, and because it was in high demand on Twitter and I am nothing if not a people pleaser:

Upon being pinged with a suggestion for more info, our good friend Jul also responded with this thread that includes a bunch of information on the new Lolisyn and the thoughts of fans of the group going back through its various iterations.