Holy Crap, Would You Look at This Kamen Joshi Stage?

Courtesy of Tara44DD in the Alice Project forum comes this genuinely next-gen visual component:

Here’s the skinny:

Recently, leading tech engineers in the field of LED displays, gathered in Japan to unveil their latest advancements in stage design. A huge leap forward in technology now allows for LED embedded modular floor to ceiling walls,floating IMAX Ultra Light panels, as well as an LED embedded stage.To demonstrate their latest achievement,The Kamen Joshi was invited as special guests to put the new stage design through its paces. Recognized worldwide,and a favorite of Homicidols.com, as the most visually stunning artist leading the idol metal movement, the Mask Girls gave a one off performance to dazzle the “techies” who witnessed a match made in heaven.The aural assault to the ears and visual barrage of color and light left the onlookers speechless.A new level of live production has been achieved, the future is now.

34 thoughts on “Holy Crap, Would You Look at This Kamen Joshi Stage?

  1. Trying not be boring and failing…

    They could try having good good music and good live performances.
    But that would require spending money on songwriters, producers, vocal coaches and dance teachers which would leave no money to buy facebook followers and bad PR stunts…

      • Perhaps you are new to the genre or at least new to this site.The order of dominance between artists has previously been established on this site through a series of contest open to any and all who chose to participate.

        *The results as of April : https://www.homicidols.com/2016-homicidols-corenament-final/
        The entire 3 week event is documented from beginning to end.

        *The Power Rankings as of June : https://www.homicidols.com/the-june-2016-homicidol-25/

        No one here is suggesting who you should like or dislike, we all have differing opinions.Your comments, however, are full of conjecture. We deal in facts. Like it or not, the consensus is in, and you are in the extreme minority. We will continue to engage in the discussion for as long as you wish, for it serves 2 purposes.
        1. Exposure for the artist. A lurking reader may draw their own conclusion.
        2.Our humble site host loves site views, and we’re certain by now he sees certain patterns developing that would indicate which artists generate the most site activity.
        By the way, our friend Saki,was crowned MVP of the Corenament.

        • What are you on about now? Order of dominance? Internet polls aren’t reliable indicators of anything and i especially don’t care about “order of dominance” established by an internet poll i didn’t even vote in.
          Seeing as how they pay for facebook likes, who is to say Kamen Joshi didn’t pay some company in a developing country to come vote in these polls anyway?

          What is the conjecture in my comments? I have actually backed up my comments by showing how they have an impossible number of likes from countries that are known for “clickfarms”.

    • Did you summon me?

      General Producer, Seiji, is the president of the agency Kleeblatt.
      Staging Producer, Mr. Nagata, is the employees of Kleeblatt. He is also the orchestrator.
      Composers are also employees.
      Exclusive lyricist, Mr. Takemura, is the president of the other company, the lyrics would sideline.
      Most of the choreography is doing on own, members of Kamen Joshi.

      Buy facebook followers?
      They get likes …
      overseas 2.3 millions
      Erina 1 million
      domestic Japan 260 thousands
      Anna 310 thousands.

      If they buy, why not Anna?

      No money?
      Don’t worry!

      Seiji is a millionaire.
      He is accumulate at least a few million dollar assets in other business. :-p

      • Saki , You are the Best!!!

        I was just going to ask the commenter why all the game developers, such as Elsword, the Sanrio Corp.,that created Alice Beans for the Show By Rock game, the TV producers for the Star Jyan series, and Playstation Vita, for the Net High game, not to mention all the other musical entities, such as Gacharic Spin, Cyber NuNu, Kenichi Mikawa and several others, would want to ally themselves with such an unpopular, untalented group.

        Seems rather odd that even political entities would partner with them for noteworthy causes such as anti molestation campaign, which Anna was appointed ambassador by the Kanagawa Prefecture Police, or the GO VOTE campaign happening right now for the elections to encourage young people to vote.

        I’ll cease writing their resume for it is far to lengthy.
        There is a reason why I started that collaborations thread in the forum.
        Unfortunately without the pertinent info, one could assume they aren’t very active or popular.
        Not to mention the topic of this post was a demonstration of the advancements in hi-tech stage design. I suppose ELTEK could have gotten any group for the task. Does it seem wise to partner with an artist who is unpopular and untalented as is suggested? Highly unlikely.
        But, to each his own.

        • First of all: I didn’t say that are not popular. But they also aren’t as popular as they want people to think that they are.

          I don’t know the specifics of these collaborations but i DO know that there are a number of ways to do these sort of “collaborations” with companies, like for example: asking for very little money, no money or even PAYING the companies to do them.
          These are just SOME of the ways i KNOW things like these can happen.

          They likely also used things like their “no really for really reals” #1 single and, again, their “no really for really reals” facebook likes to sell people on these collaborations.

          I don’t know what the specifics of Kamen Joshi’s deals are, maybe they really got brought on because of their true popularity. But the idea that these kinds of “collaborations” can ONLY happen through a groups popularity is just wrong.

          As for their collaborations with musicians: $$$$$$ and the hope from the musicians of getting some new fans.

      • So, you list a bunch of people and their positions that does nothing to answer any of my criticisms?

        For example you say that composers are employees; So what? That doesn’t mean they write good music.
        They do their own choreography? That might explain why it’s bad..

        Then you list a bunch of follower counts(?) without providing any context or source for them whatsoever.
        I don’t know “why not Anna”, maybe because they finally figured out it’s not a good use of money. I ask you the same then; Why not Anna?
        If their number of likes are completely legit then why is there such a discrepency? And can you explain how come they have so many in the first place?

        Oh he is a millionaire? What does that have to do with this? If anything it just means that he has money to waste to try to buy his idol group into popularity with publicity stunts.

        • Trying to explain.

          They don’t need to spend a lot of money on songwriters, producers, and dance teachers, because they have done on their own.

          They have composed the “Maru Maru Mori Mori!” that was known to all of the Japanese, and have provided to some songs to EXILE, SMAP, and other Johnny’s talents.

          Facebook pages:
          Kamen Joshi
          仮面女子 domestic
          立花あんな Anna
          神谷えりな Erina

          Erina has earned a million likes, even though there is no need to buy followers.
          If the buy for Erina, would rather buy for Anna.
          If Erina gather a million without buying, 2 millions would be possible in about 20 people.

          Facebook is not very popular in Japan, already unfashionable. It would be the cause of discrepancy between overseas and domestic.

          Might have noticed in the Corenament 2016, wota in Japan has a power in the click battle. Even without buying followers in the money, they make the numbers in the first step.
          After that, the local agency in Thailand and Indonesia has increased the fan by advertising.

          Seiji was once said,
          “It has been the use of the money that can not be imitated in other underground idles.”

          I think so too.
          But it is not a small amount, such as buying the followers.

          He is trying to realize the dream of girls. And it is also the desire of fans to cheer.

          • About their songwriters, producers and dance teachers: clearly we disagree.

            And about the facebook followers: You have not been able to give a good explanation to why the Facebook like counts are as they are.

            The VAST OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of likes on the pages you linked comes from “clickfarm” countries.
            Just look at this: https://imgur.com/a/WXEqB

            I am sorry, but i don’t believe that they just happen to have that many fans in those countries.

            I am now more convinced than ever before that they have bought Facebook likes.

  2. Ha.I love these flame wars, especially when it’s clear that one side is using facts and the other is engaging in conspiracy theories to support their view.When you don your tin foil hat, anything becomes possible.
    Since it’s conspiracy week here at Homicidols, let’s take it to another level, shall we?
    Most of the speculation about “popularity buying” as suggested could also be applied to Babymetal.
    It’s long been suspected that Amuse has flushed the coffers of Team Rock/Metal Hammer for all the positive and frequent press they’ve received, some have even suggested that Amuse has outright purchased Team Rock.
    How much cash did the Sonisphere promoters receive to put Babymetal on the bill? Perhaps, as suggested by the above comments, Babymetal took way less money in payment just for the exposure.
    What gifts were exchanged with the other established metal bands for the PR stunt photos? Cash? Maybe for some of those bands, a bottle of top shelf Yamazaki whisky that could range in price from $150.00 to $12,000 dollars. All so Babymetal could gain some street cred and post the pics online and say, “Hey look, no really, look, we hang out with Slayer”.
    How much was Dragonforce paid for their services? Is it possible that Dragonforce was not the first choice, but came cheaper, ya know, cuz it’s Dragonforce?
    Did Amuse really want Halford? Maybe they wanted Hetfield instead, but got Halford at a cheaper price.Seriously, Judas Priest has been irrelevant for 30 years, and it didn’t seem very well thought out by Amuse, including the event choice, which seemed more like the Teen Choice Awards with F-bombs.
    The bottom line is that the whole of the entertainment industry worldwide exist on hype, exaggeration,PR stunts and gimmicks. If all the theories on “popularity purchasing” is true, why don’t all idol groups do the same and thus, level the playing field? Or is what we are seeing is clever marketing in an effort to build a brand. The saying “it takes money to make money” is fact.All any artist can hope for is to attract as many fans as possible, who will purchase their product in the form of cd’s, dvd’s, show tickets and merchandise. So far, enough people are buying into The Kamen Joshi brand, and they will continue to thrive despite having some detractors.

    • Funny that you call conspiracy theory when I am the one that has provided actual facts by showing the very real statistics of the Kamen Joshi facebook page and you have nothing but silly speculation and ridiculous accusations.

      I don’t see why you are bringing BABYMETAL into this other than pure insecurity and jealousy so i won’t even respond to your silly rant except for asking you this:
      Do you really think it was a really bad choice to go with Halford and the APMAs? The videos of the performance has been viewed millions of times on YouTube alone and gotten coverage in dozens and dozens of publications…

      That is PR that lifts their image as artists and performers, not as edgelord gimmick merchants constantly looking for ways to get rocketnews to write articles about them.

      • Why so defensive mate? Did she strike a nerve? To all the onlookers,It seems as if you’re the person with the insecurities, for you are spending an awful lot of time and energy on an artist you dislike, in an effort to disparage them.Do you feel threatened by someone that has an opposing point of view? Your disregard of her questions is indicative of someone who is losing the argument and is attempting to change the subject.

        • Yeah, i am the one who is defensive not the people that bring up unrelated groups for no reason whatsoever.

          What questions? The ones about BABYMETAL? Why would i answer questions about BABYMETAL when we were talking about Kamen Joshi?
          It’s a clear attempt to change the focus of the conversation so i rightly disregarded those ridiculous questions.

          Bottom line is that i have shown proof that they buy Facebook followers. End of story.

          • You spend a lot of time on something you don’t like. Most adults simply ignore what they don’t enjoy and spend their time with the things they do like. Perhaps you are just young without gainful employment to occupy your time.Maybe you could earn some extra money by charging rent to THE KAMEN JOSHI for all the free space they are currently occupying inside your head.

  3. Kana K i can’t reply since that thread is too long or whatever so my response goes here:

    They don’t occupy a lot of space in my mind and when they do it’s only for the minutes it takes to respond to these comments.

    I wouldn’t want to do any business with Kamen Joshi anyway. You know… For reasons…

    • No shit? Who made that pie chart you keep referencing as some sort of evidence to back your claim? If it was you, then clearly you spent some time looking at some data to produce that chart. If it wasn’t you, then why would anybody give it any credibility whatsoever? Clearly you’re unaware that THE KAMEN JOSHI toured through most of those countries on several occasions and have support all throughout the region. The company that manufactures their signature Akiba Sandals is located in Thailand. They are not strangers in the region by any means. If you would like us to take your claims seriously, then perhaps you could revisit your calculations and show us which facebooks likes are real and which are manufactured.

      • That pie chart is from a facebook analytics site.

        So you are REALLY REALLY trying to tell me that because they played a show in Indonesia once or twice that 1 million people from Indonesia heard of them and went to like their facebook page? But none of them seems to have bothered to go on YouTube to check out their videos?
        Please, come on.

        If you are going to try to convince me that they have really have a genuinely ridiculous amount of fans in countries that JUST HAPPEN to be “clickfarm” countries then you need to come up with better explanations than that or don’t bother at all.

        You all know full well that there is no reasonable explanation for Kamen Joshi having that many facebook likes but you keep searching for excuses even when i present evidence as to why that is.

  4. Hi Kana, hope all is well.
    So glad you could join the party, or massacre.LoL We hope you’ve read the entire post.If not, please read Tar44DD’s comment 7/28 4:11 pm. Notice how masterfully she lured our young adversary into full retreat and defense mode, some would call that “triggering”, by simply changing the name of the artist and posing a few hypothetical questions, and thus exposing our friend as one of the babymetal extremists that have become common lately. A true work of art.The very mention of another Japanese artist seems to send these types into attack mode. Perhaps they feel threatened by other fans of different groups who don’t also worship at the alter of the fox god. It’s becoming like a cult. Hell, we still like babymetal, they just don’t put out enough material to keep up our interest. I mean really, 6 years and only 25 songs. No wonder many folks are looking for other groups to enjoy with much more to offer. Honestly, look at the site we are on, many people have discovered quality, talented artist to fill the void so to speak. Most of us here are able to enjoy groups outside of the babymetal echo chamber.
    Please also note the schizophrenic nature of the counter argument. At one point, all online polls, contests and facebook data are all false and unreliable, then later, proceeds to cite youtube view counts as some sort of accurate representation of popularity to support his claims. We’re quite certain by now, that everyone is aware that youtube views are the worst way to measure anything.
    Enjoy your reading. KJM FTW

    • There was no simple changing of the name. BABYMETAL has never bought facebook likes or done the sort of eyerolling publicity stunts that Kamen Joshi get up to so they had no business being mentioned in the thread were that is what was being discussed so i disregarded those questions like the weak attempts to change the subject of the conversation they were.

      I enjoy good music and i enjoy plenty of songs that are posted on this website, why else would i be here? Do try to “take down” Kamen Joshi? They are doing a good enough job of that themselves.

      I have already provided you with evidence of Kamen Joshi buying facebook likes but you have all conveniently ignored that and are instead using BABYMETAL as some sort of proxy for your insecurities and strawman arguments to attack me.

      Try harder.

      • Clearly you have a reading comprehension issue. I didn’t mention any facebook antics by babymetal. I asked you about the often discussed issues of magazine payoffs, festival promoter payoffs,gift exchanges with other, more established artists for stunty photo ops in an effort to gain street cred. While everyone is aware the these bands charge their own fans hundreds of dollars for vip packages for the same photo. Get Real. But now that have been exposed as a liar as well by claiming first, THE KAMEN JOSHI only enter your head to comment here, but then confessed to tracking facebook data to support your claims. Obviously we are all just fucking with you at this point for our own amusement. Any time you want to raise your white flag and give up ,no one think any less of than we already do.The choice is yours.

        • I know that is what you were talking about which is why i ignored it since you were, and still are, obviously trying to change the topic.

          Yeah, Kamen Joshi entered my head at some point when someone(might have been one of you in this thread) came onto a forum i was lurking on and started bragging about how many Facebook followers they had. I thought it seemed weird that they had that many followers at the popularity they are at so i looked them up on an analytics site out of curiosity.

          Oh no, you busted me! At that time i spent upwards of 10 whole minutes thinking about them! OH NOOOOOOOOOOoooo…

          Why would i raise any kind of white flag?

          I have shown evidence of your precious Kamen Joshi buying facebook likes and all you have done to respond to that is to try to change the topic and declare that i am a massacred, triggered, exposed BABYMETAL extremist.

          Try harder.

  5. You mad bro? You seem to be getting frustrated. You’re not going to change any ones mind around here. Since you enjoy analytics, here’s where it stands by the numbers.

    Liked comments for THE KAMEN JOSHI : 55

    Liked comments against THE KAMEN JOSHI : 9

    That, my young friend, is what a massacre looks like. Care to continue? The choice is yours.

    • That just means you have more friends, not that i am getting massacred. I am like Jackie Chan jumping around and kicking all of your butts.

      I seem to have brought every single English speaking Kamen Joshi fan here so who is it exactly that is getting frustrated? Did this get posted on a forum somewhere? Bring more of your friends! The more the merrier!

      It doesn’t how many come Kamen Joshi still bought facebook likes.

  6. Hi Mister Mister. Sorry for late reply.
    Discussion it seems to be thriving, but to ignore because they are too difficult for me, none English-speaker.

    I’m surprised by the analysis results that you have presented. The Indonesia is large, it is expected. But Thailand and Japan had been thought that more large.
    If you have time, would you like to please also analyzed the following page, that was made ​​by Kamen Joshi fan perhaps living in Southeast Asia.

    Kamen Joshi International Fans Group

    Kamen Joshi once planned to expand into Thailand and Indonesia, and had a contract with Thailand agency. This has been published in Daily Alice Junketsu.
    But Thailand immediately after that became a political unrest, so this plan might have been derailed.

    Indonesia is a Muslim country, rare in Southeast Asia.
    I received some friend requests from Indonesian girls at that time. Many of the girls had suffered a Muslim hood. They are repressive and it may be a strong yearning to Kamen Joshi.

    When attention is paid to the number of likes of Kamen Joshi overseas page, it varies greatly in the swimsuit photos and ordinary portrait.
    Indonesia is a Muslim, but not as strict as the Middle East, there is also a partly close to the West. So it might become frustrated in reverse.

    Anyway, anywhere in the world, men are the lascivious creatures. 🙂

    • I am sorry but none of what you say is a believable explanation for why they have so many facebook likes specifically from these countries. Did you look at the chart? You see that cluster of countries at the top left?

      One of those tiny slivers is Japan, one is USA and one is Mexico. Do you see the size of those slivers compared to the gigantic blocks these other countries get?

      It’s pretty obvious that the amount of likes from the countries with big blocks did not come from real fans.

  7. Not getting dragged into this mudslinging, but I will comment that the people writing “THE KAMEN JOSHI” in all caps (and random definitive article) are making me giggle. Reminds me of a guy I used to go to PARMS with who insisted on calling it THE PARMS.

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