Here Are Some Highlights from the Sekigahara Idol Wars

Man, you guys are getting loaded down with awesome free concert footage lately. First glimpses at Idol 2.0’s work, and now the Sekigahara Idol Wars have been putting up an absolute ton of sets from this past weekend.

Until the tweets started to fly last week, I’d never even really heard of the Sekigahara Idol Wars, but it’s clearly a lot of fun and maybe kind of a TIF precursor (and more on TIF coming up soon!). While there were plenty of “regular” idols performing, some of our favorites joined in on the fun and showed why we care.

Osaka Shunkashuto

Day 1 Day 2

I have no idea why Maina isn’t teaming up with Shiori and Aina to form a soul trio

Screaming Sixties

Guso Drop

Part 1 Part 2

3 thoughts on “Here Are Some Highlights from the Sekigahara Idol Wars

  1. Ultimate party girls, aka, Armor Girls, suit up for battle at the Idol Wars with Babydoll Moa leading the charge.

      • This video was uploaded this morning (last night in JST).

        Incidentally, Kamen Joshi basically (except P.A.R.M.S) performs in 5 or 6 members. In most case it’s one of 3 units. (sometimes case of mixed.)
        For this reason, most of the audience is convinced that this is all of Kamen Joshi, not Armor Girls.
        (Same reason for Alice #10, Maniac was wondering the other day.)

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