Finish Waking up with the Lolisyn REBOOT’s Updated Trailer

Though the video’s been taken down, this was so great the first time out when the 564 REBOOT post-Lolisyn situation was first officially coming together. And, being that this is idol, of course there have been members departing and added even before anything really happened. This, I do believe, is the currentish final five:

I’m rooting really hard for this to get legs and succeed a bit. Somebody needs to make this kind of post-industrial bourgeois malaise brutal kink American Horror Story Season 5 fetish thing work out. For the children.

8 thoughts on “Finish Waking up with the Lolisyn REBOOT’s Updated Trailer

  1. We’re with you on this one.After you floated that 2014 track around and Tara-chan cut it into a 15:00 loop fest. They are definitely on our radar.

  2. Oh, they took the other one down? Guess wanted to eradicate Wakapiku, the refilming after she quit was why this took a while. Still strange to see Rinka there. Interesting how they are playing Sumire’s character here.

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