Reading Lolisyn: Cautiously Optimistic

Caveat: The original title of this post was “Oh, for Fuck’s Sake”, so be thankful that a few minutes’ worth of messing around before writing got me to dial it back a bit

Say, remember Lolisyn? Like, in their way one of the early chika icons? That was terribly, inexplicably disbanded completely out of the blue, and had a final live for the ages? And then was announced as 564 REBOOT barely a month later, with a lineup that could have been described as an underground all-star team? And that immediately lost one of its key members? And then did a tiny handful of lives before the usual idol group troubles got the whole thing canceled before most people had a chance to even get used to its existence, which would have been difficult even on an infinite timeline because they almost never performed?

Well, it’s happening again.

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It’s Final Lolisyn’s Final Live, Finally

I took a little bit of a shot at PAC IDOL a couple of Weekenders ago, and the main reason for that is Gouhou Lolita Syndrome REBOOT — aka Lolisyn, aka 564 REBOOT — and what always looks to me like a terrible lack of commitment, ideas, attention, etc. for what was always in my experience a group that should have been killing it.

Anyway, a year after the last iteration of the original Lolisyn (Haru and Hiro) was disbanded, its quicky follow-up (REBOOT) was killed off, and the Lolisyn project itself declared closed. In the tradition of the Haru/Hiro version, here’s the final live shared to YouTube:

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You’d Hope that a Song So Titled Would Sound Nice Like This, Yes

Ever since it was announced, I’ve wanted the Lolisyn reboot (heretofore known as REBOOT because that’s its name) to succeed. I wanted them to take a pretty sweet musical package and put its members’ various talents to work into generating something cool and exciting and talk-about-able. That they haven’t done a whole lot is kind of disappointing, but they did give us this gig, and very recently this pretty cool moment.

A Lolisyn staple is “My Precious Life,” going back to the first generation. I can’t embed the Soundcloud file because reasons, I guess, so here’s a live original:

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Thinks Are Looking Pretty Good for the Lolisyn REBOOT

I’m particularly calling out this performance from the Sekigahara Idol Wars because it’s basically our first real good look at the rebooted Lolisyn, and because their sister group got the treatment yesterday, and because it was in high demand on Twitter and I am nothing if not a people pleaser:

Upon being pinged with a suggestion for more info, our good friend Jul also responded with this thread that includes a bunch of information on the new Lolisyn and the thoughts of fans of the group going back through its various iterations.

Finish Waking up with the Lolisyn REBOOT’s Updated Trailer

Though the video’s been taken down, this was so great the first time out when the 564 REBOOT post-Lolisyn situation was first officially coming together. And, being that this is idol, of course there have been members departing and added even before anything really happened. This, I do believe, is the currentish final five:

I’m rooting really hard for this to get legs and succeed a bit. Somebody needs to make this kind of post-industrial bourgeois malaise brutal kink American Horror Story Season 5 fetish thing work out. For the children.

Would You Listen to This Goddamn Lolisyn Song?

Sorry, YouTubers — I enjoy prying through your old uploads to find things that I didn’t know well before. In this case, Anagram Hound has a lot of dark idol B-sides and the like, and this caught my eye. With 564 REBOOT coming along soon, I thought it topical and also, hell, Wednesday is stupid. So enjoy.