Prepare for #WorldDotmination

We’re just a few days away from our #WorldDotmination effort, friends, and it really could not be easier to take part. You can also invite your friends to take part — after all, even the Darkness Girls are in love with Dots:

“But Maniac,” you say, “what if I have any of several frequently asked questions that will allow you to fill column inches to better justify creating a whole new post on this topic in such a way as to manipulate more participation in the latest fan effort?”

I’m glad you asked!

But I Am Somehow Unaware of Dots

You must be extremely new, because I in particular can literally never stop talking about Dots and frequently invite others to talk about Dots in my space because Dots are amazing.

Why Are You Making Me Do My Own Research?

The Internet.

Are the Dots as Cool As …?

Probably more. Here’s a noise performance. Here’s their awesome new MV. Here they are play-acting their very own wota experience:

How Do I Participate in #WorldDotmination?

All of the details are in the original post, to which I have already linked, but I’ll give you the tl;dr version:

  • There will be a solar eclipse across much of North America on Monday
  • In honor of it, take photos of the dot-shaped things in your life (that is, circular dot-shaped, not silhouette-of-a-visor-wearing-anonidol dot-shaped)
  • Tweet the photo with the #WorldDotmination hashtag!
  • Make sure to tag @dotstokyo with it!
  • This is also probably good for Instagram
  • If you’d like to take part but don’t use Twitter or Instagram, add photos in comments!

That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy, and you’re almost guaranteed to get at least a like out of the Dots official Twitter, because that’s just how they do over there. We’ll be able to show this incredible miracle of an idol project how much support is out there, and possibly bring even more new people into the fold.

Are You Really the Coolest Person Alive?


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