Just More Gripping Noise Work by Dots

We must be slipping or something, you guys; this live clip of Dots doing the appropriately titled “NOISE” isn’t like so brandy new that nobody could have possibly seen it before I stumbled across it yesterday (good ol’ YouTube). That ain’t right! All things Dots should be immediately lifted up and celebrated for the … something that it is.

The world doesn’t deserve a project at this level of wonderful. What the hell are they doing? How do you recruit for this? How do you get teenagers (objectively the worst people alive) to exercise enough patience and vision to be like, you’re right, we should be doing complicated installations of pure noise in our idol work, oh and also have an oddly un-numbered membership, obscure our very identities, dance to shoegaze, etc.?

Everything that Alex ever said, and Brian and everybody who watches these videos with the same head-shaking bemusement, it’s all true. What remarkable luck that we get to share this planet with Dots.