The Dots Game Continues to Be Elevated

I published Brian’s excellent behind-the-visor piece the other day, and it was good, but you may have noticed that things in Dotsworld move at a rate that’s hard to predict; this is one of their busy times. The other night, they were included on a shoegaze radio show, for instance. And now, a new MV:

We know “Slide”; it’s not the song that’s unfamiliar, but real MV production (if you follow them on Twitter and the daily YouTube videos, you’ve seen familiar stills and snips). Somewhat because of the aesthetic and somewhat the use of stills with overlays and the sheer not-really-idolness of it all, I’m having flashbacks to Bellring Girls Heart’s “ROOM 24/7” MV, and BRGH all over the general overall artfulness. AmiiinA, too, if you stretch your mind a little bit.

I do think it’s interesting that, while idol’s biggest annual event (TIF) is taking over everybody’s attention, there are still so many idol lives and recordings and releases and whatnot going on just in Tokyo, and the actual underground isn’t missing a beat … and then somewhere between both but nowhere near either is a literal idol art project that doesn’t even have a human-language name.