It’s World Dots Day! What Are You Doing?

Please allow the record to show that Homicidol Maniac is sick as a damn dog these last couple of days, and is actually taking a day off from work(!) to recuperate, but could not in good conscience fail to kick off #WorldDotmination.

Hello everybody! In a few hours, the evil dragon that is the cosmos’s eternal enemy will make its latest attempt to consume the sun and plunge the world into darkness (especially for North American audiences) the most epic solar eclipse in many of our lives will commence. The bright glowing orb in the sky, giver of all life, will in fact become a black disk. A dot.

A few days ago, Dots of another kind did something cool and paradigm-shifting, and while it would be a good idea to offer up a sacrifice to the god/s of your choice right about now, it is the Official Policy of that there is no god but Dot, at least for today.

Join us for #WorldDotmination on Twitter to show the enigmatic visor-empowered girls that their fans all around the world are in their corner!