Can the Friday Fun Make It Worth Your While?

Hello everyone! Last week I asked you all dust off your GCSE Literature Anthology textbooks and come up with some idol poetry that would put Seamus Heaney to shame! And I took part in none of it because I’m an unimaginative dummy who’s still exhausted from reading so much Seamus Heaney in GCSE Literature! Let’s see what you came up with.

Fundraisers have always been a big thing, and a personal one for me, too; one of my first jobs was for a charity shop where I had to stand outside and harass people for donations, and just this year after losing my previous job I set up a Gofundme to help me get to the Necronomidol London show.

And it isn’t just me; everyone had encountered some kind of fundraiser at this point, whether its to raise money for a charity or just to pay for some dude’s potato salad. In the UK at least, we have Comic Relief and Children In Need, charities that hold big TV fundraisers every year (every two years for the latter) where celebrities appear and there’s usually some kind of charity single recorded by the hot new musical artist of that year full of celebrity cameos.

Sweet, now I can finally use Homicidols to fangirl over McFly, a band I’ve loved since the wee age of 12! And you thought my Hello! Project hijacking was bad.

(Why is there no HQ version of any of McFly’s charity videos? smh)

Those of you in the USA, you have the PBS pledge drives, right? Or was that something made up by all the American sitcoms that got aired in the UK?  And in the modern age, we now have online fundraisers like Gofundme, Kickstarter and Youcaring where kind people with disposable income can put their money to whatever cause they support.

In fact, even the Up Up Girls Budokan live last year was crowdfunded, not to mention Ladybeard’s failed Kickstarter, so idols aren’t afraid to dip their toes into some fundraising every now and then either.

Now, I’m not exactly asking you to send us all your money though that would be nice, instead I’m asking for some good causes in idol that deserve a charity single or a TV pledge drive. Causes like paying for every ANFORT lawsuit, or buy Boss Rei some cough drops. Come up with some good causes, tweet with the hashtag #IdolFundraisers and let’s see which ones I’d donate to!