You Should Listen to This Amazing-ass Dots Series

It seems like we can’t go a day or two without something else amazing from the Dots well, nor can we go a day or two without Viz Major finding something in the darkest crevasses of the Idolverse and shining on it the kind of light that only Westerners with excellent-albeit-unconventional musical tastes can provide. In this case, an unreleased track from the enigmatic nameless collective of idol singularities:

Now, listen to that song, but I want you to do something else. And yes, it’s good and it’ll be a reward for trusting me even though you very correctly swore to never do that again.

This is the Dots Soundcloud account. Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s the Soundcloud account of their producer, who remains unnamed but sounds like a swell person. Regardless, you can see that “1998” is right there at the top, fresh as a daisy. Right below it, though, is the same song, a little prior chronologically … and the vocals are replaced with chiptune. Hm …

Go ahead and listen to the whole thing in sequence. Or reverse sequence, whatever. The point is, the Dots producer uploaded every draft of this song, in order, over a period of months, deliberately to demonstrate the process, and you, friends, can dive right in and gobble up the creative progression of one of the great minds of modern idol. It’s pretty awesome, is what I’m saying.

It started here! It sounds kind of like “Satellite!”

One thought on “You Should Listen to This Amazing-ass Dots Series

  1. This really is a top contender for their strongest song yet. If I knew nothing about this group and had no knowledge of their quirky marketing, I would still love this on an immediate first listen. It’s pretty much my early 90’s indie rocks years….

    It’s like Azusa of For Tracy Hyde said, if the group can keep attracting serious songwriting talent to go with their stage and media presence, they could very well break out past just the idol circles.

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