Oshi Digest #1: Lilim

Welcome to the very first celebration of Oshi Digest! Sari, the macabre painted demon of NECRONOMIDOL, was the winner of Queen of the Scene, thereby elevating her to the status of Official Oshi of Homicidols.com, a crown she will wear until she’s dethroned. Good luck, mere mortals!

So Necroma’s Risaki wasn’t the only member of the group to contribute vocals to somebody else’s project; Sari sang the chorus for this band song by this band that brings back that whole Scorpions thing that was supposed to be about Kamen Joshi:

You may have seen that Necroma was filming the MV for “DAWNSLAYER” recently; of course oshi is the center:

Also, as stoked as the living dead can realistically get:

She’s a fashion plate:

Oshi has a message for you:

One thought on “Oshi Digest #1: Lilim

  1. It’s a code of some kind, but the image is flipped.
    Spider on the left? Left? 8 legs.
    L? 8?
    And August is the 8th month.
    The stars will align during the eclipse in late August.
    Plan you insanity accordingly.

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