A Most Succinct Friday Fun

Last week… Last week… what was last week? I just woke up.

Did you read Daemon’s excellent review of NECRONOMIDOL’s newest output this week? You should! Go do it! Now! I’ll wait.

What’s that? You don’t have the time for long album reviews any more? Tut tut. Look, I don’t know what you do, but that’s really not on. There has to be a way to condense all the opinions and little details spotted of an idol release in a small, easy to read format, right? Continue reading

This Friday Fun Celebrates the Other Thing You Waste Too Much Time On

Last week, we probably made Watanabe cry!

It’s E3 this week! As someone who has been waiting six god damn years for a new Animal Crossing game, I for one will definitely be staying tuned, and I know many of you will be too! So, this weekend let’s celebrate the two things I’ll be tweeting about most this week; video games and idols.

I’m pretty certain we did this before already, but hey, there’s only so much meme material you can think of before you have to loop back around again. So there you go. Continue reading

Punching Down Is So Satisfying in the Friday Fun

Last week, we saw some terrible idol names! And I also realised that this was another Fun we recycled without realising! Wow, I’ve lost all remaining shreds of originality!

Say, it’s been a while since I annoyed the hell out of everyone with yet another Friday Fun dedicated to Watanabe harassment, isn’t it? Well, everyone say, thank you Watanabe!

So, Twitter, why is he crying? BiSloss? Foreign fans? Totally not just getting emotional at his friend’s wedding nosiree we have no tolerance for sensible answers in this column!

So, have at it. Guess why our Junnosuke boy is crying with the hashtag of, well, #WhyJSKisCrying. What, I already said I’ve lost all shred of originality at this point.

A Friday Fun for When You Wish for Something Safe and Boring

Last week you described music videos, badly!

Today’s Friday Fun is brought to you by
And the newly-announced Baby♡♡Holic!
You know what they all have in common?

Regardless of whether you think their music or members are good or not, they all have names that make you go “Wait… what are they called?”

Are their names technically good names because they bring forth attention and discussion from the overseas fandom? Or are they just plain bad? Either way, try telling someone your favourite J-Pop group is KinKi Kids and see their response. Continue reading

It’s Okay to Laugh at the Friday Fun

Last week, you predicted what the now-ex members of BiS would be doing after BiS. And… well, you might be right? You might not be? Honestly I was hoping the announcements of their futures last week would have been a bit more detailed. All I know is that I wept for Kika, just one of many lost oshis this year. Ah.

What’s more twitter than those tweets and hashtags challenging you to “Describe [x] badly?”. Actually, lots of things. Fanwars for one thing (think I’m gonna wait for things to cool off a little before I introduce my “draw idols better than Inagawa Jun” hashtag). But, nonetheless, it’s something that I see a lot. “Describe your favourite movie badly”, “Describe the ending of a game badly”. I think we’ve already done “Describe your favourite idol” before, but no-one’s done music video, right? I hope not, because that’s this week hashtag! Well? Get on it! #BadlyDescribeAnIdolMV, off you go!

A Friday Fun about Next Steps

Well, I’m suitably traumatized!

What is it about WACK that brings out the cursed in people?

Speaking of traumatized, BiS are finally disbanding again tomorrow after having gone through more than enough trauma of having to deal with Watanabe than the average person could probably handle. You’ll see my thoughts about the whole thing in another article this weekend (provided they don’t reveal that this was an elaborate joke all along) but for now, lets just meme the hell out of it today and cry about it tomorrow! Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Family Night in the Living Room

Last week you came up with some wild #ThingsNotToAskIdols items! Let’s see what you got:

Aside from eating and idols, another thing I like to waste my life with are sitcoms from the 90s or so. Granted, there have been times where I have not survived where others thrived, but shows like Friends and Frasier are on my constant rewatch playlists. So, like everything else I enjoy, let’s muck it all up with idols. Continue reading

A Most Inappropriately Impertinent Friday Fun

Last week, I had other problems on my mind, forgot the Fun, then my solution as always, was “Food!”

I still have things on my mind as of writing today’s Fun (hey, at least it’s on time!), specifically, this week’s Indie, Idol and Infamous Tour. Yup, I’m gonna try and inevitably fail to score some dirt on the latest batch of idols visiting my home country, then cry on the way home after I embarrass myself! But, surely, there must be a way I can embarrass myself ever so slightly less? Perhaps even prepare myself for any other idols I might run into in the future? Or maybe you just want to snark about Homicidols being a terrible website. Hey, it’s your call! Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Improving on the Originals

Last week’s fun was a real brainteaser for a lot of you! Let’s take a look:

It’s a pretty funny coincidence that both of the most recent albums that I’m the most hype for just happen to be cover albums; you’ve got Bed In’s Endless Bubble out this week, but also, in the longest wait for a new idol release, my all-time favourite idol unit and queens of cover songs W finally released a collection of their canceled music (okay, that one is an EP, and the title track is an original song, but it’s W damn it!).

Yep, these past two weeks I’ve been all about cover albums. I want more! More! So this week, come up with some good concepts for idol cover albums. The hashtag is #IdolCoverAlbums and now I’m going to listen to Choi Waru Devil for the billionth time.

A Palate-cleansing-but-Brain-Busting Friday Fun

I was going to avoid Twitter this week. I wanted to avoid this audition. But noooo. All the big news just happened to arrive this week! Necroma’s Europe tour, my favourite idol duo of all time releasing lost material after 14 years, my current favourite idol duo releasing material after about year and a halfish, and I think Kamiya Saki just drew fanart of something I tweeted last year. So I came back, I saw the tweets about the audition, I wept for Trivago a second time in a row, it was chaos! But how correct were your responses?

Speaking of WACK, we all know WACK stands for “Watanabe Artistic Creative Corporation” BiSH stands for “Brand-new Idol SHiT”, BiS is “Brand-new Idol Society”, and amiinA stands for “Awake mind into ideal naked Avalon” (according to the mysterious stranger that submitted this week’s hashtag into the Friday Fun suggestion box I keep saved for whenever I forget to write something up again) but what about our other favourites? Yeah, PassCode might SEEM like a straightforward name for an idol group, but who knows if it really means “Please Ask Sally’s Secretary, Caitlyn, On Data Entry”? And what the hell does Gu-Gu LULU even mean!? I need answers and I need them now!

This week’s hashtag is #IdolAcronyms and … sorry about the WACK Audition guys. Yikes.