Dots to the Rest of Idol: Hold My Beer

It’s a shame that the Dots, identity-deficient singularities of incredible artistic idol power, aren’t going to be part of Queen of the Scene, but I think they just wrapped up Least Predictable Release by Idols Forever for 2017:

A single. One track. Seventy-two minutes. Impossible.

Yes, my current personal favorite art project has gone beyond the bounds of sensibility but fully embraced the noise inspirations behind it; while three separate songs will encompass this single track, it will still be a single track, it will be mixed with all kinds of elements and stretched out and probably remixed and will include solo bits (!) from each of the members and at some point in there a literal void in culture will open and some completely hypothetical version of reality will take hold and … Dots.

I’m not going to judge this. It’s beyond judgment. It could be nothing but Hiroshige feedback loops interspersed with belches and farts, sped up and played backwards, and it would still be the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard of coming from an idol project on top of probably already being the most ambitious. It’s like a white flag toward mainstream tastes — “we know that only particular audiences are going to want to pick this up, and that’s fine!” And yet,’s covering it!

“Maniac,” there’s a part of some of yours’ brains saying right now, “enough with the Dots already.” And to that I reply, if you can show me anything in idol that’s this earnestly truly, genuinely unique and cool, I’ll go ahead and fall in love with that instead. Because you can’t, I will continue to gape in awe of what … well, I won’t steal Brian’s thunder, but my dude is on to something.

By the way, they’re on Tumblr now.

2 thoughts on “Dots to the Rest of Idol: Hold My Beer

  1. I will be waiting patiently for the 72 minutes of dots 🙂

    There is never enough Dots 🙂

    Dots tumblr seems to only work if one has a account.

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