Your Homicidols Weekender #272

It’s the first Weekender for February, so congratulations to everyone for making it through the first month of 2022. As slow as it seemed to be while we were trudging through it, in hindsight, January wasn’t all too shabby. We got excellent new releases from CYNHN, MAD JAMIE, Okinawa Electric Girl Saya, Planck Stars, MANACLE and (who would have guessed it a month ago) GANG PARADE.

I’m not entirely sure what’s coming our way in February except for a new  album from buGG.  Oh, and situasion has something to tell us later today.

While we’re waiting, let’s talk more about excellent new releases like The Grateful a MogAAAz EP, BLUE WIND, that is hands down the best thing they have ever done.

Planck Stars are currently the leading contenders for the title of Most Chaotic Live Act. Here’s an example of why.

Broken By The Scream dropped a rare MV featuring their new line-up

I’m thoroughly enjoying CYNHN‘s new album.

LiLiHoLi leaves a mark with their debut single.

Here’s Kai Marino of RAY hanging out with eureka from For Tracy Hyde at the ZEMATIS acoustic guitar store (with English subtitles).

The good news is that O’CHAWANZ are releasing a new album!! The bad news is that it’s the last with the current line-up. *sob*

Here’s lyrical school in their natural element.

Ruan from Cinema and Boy CQ will be releasing a solo album in April! It’s a sure bet to be something very unique and special!

This was shared on the Homicidols Discord Server by Ziensa. It’s unlisted for some reason, but it’s not private, so I’ll pass it on. I guess nuance really pride themselves on subtlety

twinpale will reveal their newest member when this gets 4,000 retweets. Are you doing your part?

We haven’t heard from INUWASI in a little bit, but they dropped like three live videos this week to make up for it.

Oshiloss Corner

Our colleague over at IdolOnChaos is calling it quits. They will be missed, but we understand: providing English-language idol coverage is a tough calling and we have  appreciated the expert company. Peace!

The artist formerly known as Shidare (Yukueshirezutsurezure) will begin releasing music as hikage.

Meet rookie V-Tuber nekonano, also known as Michelle. She’d prefer we not mention her previous idol life, but those who have followed her work know who this is.

Also meet DJ KARIKO, formerly know as Karin of DESURABBITS.

Former Avandoned member Kotao continues to absolutely flourish in her post-idol life. She’s got a critically acclaimed piece in the Tokyo University of the Art’s graduation show, and painted the cover art to the new (and awesome) Boris album! Boris even came to visit the exhibition to show their support….

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!!