New and New To Us: Units on the Radar, Report #01

Welcome to a new periodic feature where we highlight units that are brand new, piqued our interest for the first time or otherwise just popped onto our radar and deserve further scrutiny. This is to flag those units that have suddenly dropped out of nowhere with a banging song, unique concept or mind boggling name that begs for continued attention. Units whose discography or digital footprint aren’t large enough for a full-blown “Let’s Discover” profile, but are definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

Some of our information is limited, so if you have any good dirt on the following units, please share it with the class over on the Homicidols Discord Server.

First up, meet piano-core idols, Mirror, Mirror who just debuted on January 30th. They are a six member unit managed by VONOBA Co, a music production company recently founded by Tomoki Yamashita whose credits include compositions for site favorites ZOC, Devil ANTHEM., QUEENSQumari DepartNichoume no Sakigake Coming Out and others.

OMNI666 were brought to our attention by D4rkWzd over on the Homicidols Discord Server . They just debuted last month and have only dropped a single lyric video, but on the strength of this one tune (written by Dancho of NoGoD ) we’re fans already.

If we had discovered Losing Dog Waste sooner, they might have snagged a Best of 2021 nomination in the Best / Worst New Name category. Since their debut late last September they have been active in punk idol taibans with the likes of MAD JAIMIE and dropped a couple of excellent tunes on your streaming platform of choice . Their sound is kinda like NECROMA meets Satanic Punish , which is definitely not a bad thing. 

This one is from Ziensa who always drops the good stuff on The Server :

Scum-pop idols Tokyo Pien are a bit of an enigma. They don’t have a very robust digital footprint, but they do allow their gigs to be recorded so there are several lives on YouTube depicting more casual chaos than a Planck Stars gig next door to a food truck offering free all-you-can-eat churros.

What we do know is that the unit was recruited through a call for “girls who like subculture and won’t be satisfied with being an ordinary idol”. Also their songs seem to be, on average, about 60 seconds long which may or may not be a tribute to the 80s punk band, Minutemen. We don’t even know.  

Marginal Rabbit debuted as a three member unit back in late November and then unveiled their current, five member system in mid-December. From what little we have heard so far, they have a progressive hard rock sound. 

They also have one of the cutest + coolest looking logos going so I can’t wait to snag my very first Marginal Rabbit merch.

HATEandTEARS is a Nagoya unit that has been been around since mid-2020 but recently rebooted with a new system. While their name wouldn’t be out of place tattooed on the knuckles of a biker and they wander the Nagoya streets in black hooded capes, their electro-pop sound aspires more towards Qumari Depart or Perfume .

SUPER REPLiCA is the latest member of the O-key family. The members are currently considered trainees and only perform covers of songs by their standout sister units POPPiNG EMO , SHOCKiNG EGO and NATURAL ANOTHER PEOPLE (aka NAP ).

Please share any of your recent idol unit discoveries with the rest of us over on the  Homicidols Discord Server. Also, we need help coming up with a name for this series that’s better than “Units on the Radar”. We went through about a dozen different variations before I just got tired and went with the current headline, which sucks.  Let me know your much better ideas over on The Server.