A Late Valentines RAY Present

RAY were on time, we were the tardy ones! Can we make it up to you by showing you their new music video for “TEST?”

“TEST” as a name feels very apt – this is a far cry from what you might be used to from RAY but nonetheless dripping in their very unique, very RAY sound. Their recent uploads to YouTube have among the same general trend too, “moment” was simultaneously more clear sounding but more melancholic, which you could call a venture into new sounds of sorts. It’s stepping outside the box but not in the sense that it should be surprising, more an expansion of the musical canon that their sound inhabits. Which is the point of the group after all, their self described concept is “The interdisciplinary fusion of idols with ????” – they could make anything at all. An artist’s sound is what the artist makes for themselves and RAY are very much a group of artists, from producers to members themselves.

Or in short, there is no box to be confined in if the boundaries are ever changing.

What “TEST” brings to the table still has the ethereal feeling of shoegaze, which we know you guys love from them, but without dipping it’s toes into things, not even a little. In terms of idols, think callme/kolme but in relation to bands, you could compare things to Ladytron’s “Witching Hour” album. The synthpop-esque drum machine beats and er… synths, both come together to create a daring sonic landscape that might feel familiar, but we can assure you: you haven’t heard it like this before.

Unfortunately, the song isn’t on streaming services just yet so you’ll have to keep replaying it on YouTube. The music video has some gorgeous shots of the members under a pallid, blue sky with chalky cityscapes, so honestly this isn’t a downside. Keep listening and watching because before you know it, RAY will be back with something new, something unexpected but most importantly, something only they could make.