New New New BiS Song

How how how many times can we write things like this? You’ll just have have have to read on and find out. While streaming new single from BiSDA DA DA DANCE SONG” of course!

Hot off the addition of new member Nano3 (pronounced Nano Nano Nano), BiS are back again with a new single and music video! This incarnation of the group have more than proved themselves to be totally in sync, polished but, most importantly, deeply chaotic and “DA DA DA DANCE SONG” is simply the cherry on top.

BiS3’s manifesto of fun is entirely just that: fun! And it isn’t stopping anytime soon. The song is another entry in their high energy, pop punk catalogue that’s quickly becoming a standout favourite. It’s got their signature sound and signature Toggy noises, what more could you want?

“DA DA DA DANCE SONG” is officially out in a few weeks, but you can enjoy the advanced streaming release right now. This song is very easy to accidentally leave on repeat and before you know it, you’ll be on your 44th consecutive round of the babes from BiS screaming “DANCE DANCE DANCE” into your face. Enjoy!


One thought on “New New New BiS Song

  1. Toggy just annouced she had to go on hiatus to heal a leg fracture… seems we won’t get Toggy noises for a while.

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