MANACLE Let Loose New Single, “BAN your HURT”

MANACLE dropped a maxi single yesterday featuring title-track “BAN your HURT” and two additional new songs. It’s available world-wide on your streaming service of choice.

MANACLE introduced us to “BAN your HURT” with an MV back in December.  The song has since been picked up by TV Asahi’s late-night variety show, “Kuki Kaidan no Kuki Kansatsu” who will be blasting the tune as their closing theme for the month of February. 

It may be a good idea to keep close watch on MANACLE’s Twitter account this weekend as the group hosts a free live on Sunday and has a habit of announcing livestream information at the last minute. If history serves, the show will probably be streamed on YouTube with a few hours notice. If that doesn’t happen, we will definitely get the chance to see MANACLE livestreamed via Twitcasting next week along with XOXO EXTREME, FiDZ (formerly known as MERRY BAD END), Shihatsu-Machi Underground and more.

Bonus MANACLE trivia: did you know that Ray was born in England?

Or that OKAKI has only 18% body fat? I believe it.

Hina spends 12 hours a day chasing Pokémon.

Maon like her beef twice-cooked but her fish raw.

It’s good to learn something new every day.