Your Homicidols Weekender #273

So, you may have noticed, but I’m really bad at this. Last weekend I made two predictions: one about situasion’s Twitter countdown and the other regarding the possibility of an impromptu MANCLE livestream. Exactly none of those things panned out which just goes to prove what you already know: amateur music bloggers have no idea what they’re talking about. Quite frankly, I’d get fired if I wasn’t working for free. I also apologize to anyone who has ever listened to my stock trading tips or advice on poker. My opinions on all other topics though are absolutely brilliant.

With that being said, take everything else here with a huge grain of salt:

Best PV of the year right here!! PIGGS doing a live, piano-ballad arrangement of “Tobenai Hebi” is guaranteed to turn you weepy.

The day has finally arrived: PassCode just played the Budokan!!

Few recent units have generated a bigger buzz than MAPA. Here’s  some reasons why.

Another new unit, Chick-flick just dropped their first EP. If you enjoy the retro-swing of Craveit or the film noir vibes of Cinema & Boy CQ, I recommend giving them a spin.

Here’s a nice long interview with PassCode including English subtitles.

Devil ANTHEM. want you to chill

Ladybeard took some time to talk about BABYBEARD and other topics.

Nonamera has announced a released date for her next solo single.

Who needs meditation when we got LiLii Kaona.

Here’s a lyric MV from soon-to-be triplets, twinpale.

Listen to -caeca- unless you hate happiness.

The original rock-pop stars PUFFY released a new MV celebrating their 25th anniversary, and it’s a collaboration with oddball once-idol favorite Mogami Moga of fame!!

Oshiloss Corner

The revolution has ended! Kimi to Boku no Kakumei just held their last live.

Gekijouban Gokigen Teikoku∞ have announced that they will be disbanding at the end of March.

Rin Wada (formerly of Maison book girl) got married!!

Meanwhile, her former bandmate, Aio Yagawa has a free livestream coming up on YouTube later this week.

Weekend Radio

Have a Good Weekend!