Your Homicidols Weekender #275

Welcome to the weekend! I’m gonna be spending it catching up on all the new music that dropped over the past few days. Sure, new music drops every week, but it’s almost as if all of the managers in Idol World decided that the seven days surrounding 22/02/2022 would be the perfect time to release, like, everything. I would not be at all surprised if, come Best-of-the-Year nomination time, a fair number of the entries dropped this third week of February. So take a wellness break from international news and catch up on some of this great stuff:

Thai shoegaze duo SHIMMER SHRIMPER (side project of Best Overseas Act of 2021 winner, Fingers Cross) gave us this absolutely gorgeous new single, “Who Sleeps”.

DAI DAI DAI have released their instantaneous EP-of-the-Year nominee, aptly named, MAYBE PERFECT . They also dropped an MV for the track that machine translation reads as, “Objects that have been Destroyed”, but the English tracklist on streaming services calls, “Object”.

Tokyo Psychopath dropped their new single and accompanying MV, “I’m a Kuzuningen”.

Craveit is releasing a new song every week for four weeks. Here’s their entry for week two:

SAKA-SAMA gave us this preview on Wednesday for new single, “Lilac Rendezvous”, which they released on Friday (but I can only find on Amazon Music at the moment).

While SUSUME is NEO JAPONISM’s 12th single, it’s the first to receive nationwide distribution.

Take a break from all this new music to enjoy the official trailer for upcoming idol+zombie movie IDOL NEVER DiES.

Here’s, “Tomarinai Uta”, a nice new grunge ballad from BiS that serves as the B-Side of their new single, “DA DA DA DANCE SONG”

Not to be outdone, HimeKyunFruitCan, the only active alternative idol unit to pre-date BiS (and BABYMETAL), dropped a new single as well.

sui sui dropped their first full album, THE SIGN.

Following their example, YERURU LANDSCAPE also released their very first album, Deadline.


 MiiS digitally dropped “Flame”, the lead single from their upcoming debut album, LINKING CELL, which will be released next month.

We also got the first results of RINHAMU’s collaboration with Giga and Teddy Loid.

Teddy Loid also had a hand in the latest single from mzsrz.

SANDAL TELEPHONE specializes in highly addictive tunes, and this one is no different. You have been warned.

We also have new future releases to look forward to: Guilty Kun (Cinema & Boy CQ) will be dropping his first solo album in a little over a month.

From brand new music to classic chika idol: over on the Homicidols Discord server,  member boans brought our attention to this Especia live from 2014 that someone just uploaded to YouTube.

IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: The Girl Mannequin is still an active project! Team was fondly reminiscing about how fabulous this former unit used to be when Ziensa dropped this on the Discord server:

Also, we can’t possibly cover everything that’s going on in idol (and don’t even try), so if you’re interested in coverage of the absolute insanity that is the men’s WACK audition, here’s an excellent resource for you:

Oshiloss Corner

Dan te Lion have announced that they will be disbanding on August 16th.

Weekend Radio


Have a good Weekend!!