A Little Peep From BiSH With Pyo!

This new song is pyotty good!

No? Not even a giggle? Alright then just stream the damn song.

To catch you up to speed if you’ve been living under a rock, BiSH is OVER! The behemoth are disbanding next year but they’re blazing a trail on their way out with a new release every month. Unfortunately, time continues to pass and it’s now February but on the bright side, we have “Pyo“!

Pyo is just as silly and fun as it is a straight up banger. It’s very rock n roll but juxtaposed with a bright and poppy chorus, very fun, very replayable. If you’re a big WACK fan, think “Are you ready?” by BiS or the track layout of any given MAMESHiBA album. The music video reflects this too, with the “punk band without instruments” shockingly picking some up to form a real band for the heavy segments, with some wide eyed fans and friends having a grand old time dancing for the lighter ones.

Go stream “Pyo” and the B-side “HONESTY” now! It’s HONESTly really g-hey stop making that face at me, we’re paid by the pun here.

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