I’m Serious, Kick out 2020 with Akugi’s First MV

Akugi, one of Codomomental’s new mysterious projects, has decided to soften out parting with 2020 by providing us with an amazing first MV for their first track r u serious?

Now, I use soften out here in the loosest of ways; our dear Dae has described the video as “Visual ASMR gone wrong” and “revulsing”. I prefer the term cathartic  and nightmarish, for my part. The song will wrap you in a trance-like state for just under 3 minutes, and the psychedelic visuals of crushing, squishing, stabbing and an horrifying figure straight out of the likes of The Magnus Archives.

The lynchean ambiance is contrasted with the hypnotic and honey-like voice of Yamakomaro, the featured vocalist on this track. She is accompanied by Komariyuu Marikoyu who seems to be the mainstay/permanent vocalist on the project, accompanied by Ama Mauru Maruauma and a brand new face, that of nainotokanon. The latter two are dancers on the project.

It’s still abstract (ha!) what the exact delimitations of akugi are. As the second track, Day dream Speaker features Towa Shiki of Seireki13ya, I expect we will hear some familiar voice as guests.

Should you want to see akugi in action, you are in luck: their debut is at the codomomental end of the year concert, which happens to be streamed! It starts at 6 AM EST // 7 PM JT (although the stream might start at 8, check the link to confirm with your timezone).

You can find the schedule here and the livestream here.

As a last aside, why not draw from Hololive chat rules as a general etiquette for idol concert streams?

  • Keep in mind that Japanese streamers and their fans aren’t familiar with Twitch-style chat, so be mindful of what you say.
  • Keep discussion on-topic to the stream’s content. Stream chat is a place for fans to interact with the streamer.
  • Don’t be rude and or try to get them to say profanities for your personal entertainment.
  • Remember that while they are trying their best, with some exceptions, the streamer does not understand English, so asking questions or telling them to do things is as good as spam.
  • No excess chit-chat with other viewers before the stream.
  • Please get along with each other! If anyone tries to start something, don’t respond. Just block, report and ignore.
  • Keep comments relevant to the stream! don’t bring up unrelated topics or have personal conversations.

See you next year!!


2 thoughts on “I’m Serious, Kick out 2020 with Akugi’s First MV

  1. This is brilliant! Really excited to hear more from them. Are the girls in the group from any other Codomomental groups?

    • As on today, Yamakomaro is in Bijou, Komariyuu is in Kaqriyo Terror, Mauru is part of Seireki13ya and I suppose the latest is a Tokyo tefutefu

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