I Just Want to Put It on Record That Satanic Punish Owns

Playing a lot of catch-up these days, friends, and doing the kind of idle Twitter browsing that used to be my calling card. It’s nice to reconnect, although going back much further than, like, a week is a fairly significant endeavor. The tlist is long, and even individual group accounts can get voluminous.

But anyway, doop-dee-doop, just cruising along the other day and — hello, what’s this?

I know what you’re thinking. No, not that. Yes, the Satanic Punish thing. (You should talk to someone about the, uh, other stuff.) “Maniac, you utter pinecone, Satapuni has been around for a long-ass time and you are dumb and have never said anything about them!” Which is mostly true — I am dumb and I have eschewed posting about Satanic Punish, but, uh … they made the Weekender a time or two?

Look, it’s not personal. There’s a lot of idol out there, and especially over the past 390 or so days just really limited time to digest it all. Everybody on Team has their own tastes and angle, you know? So even if like I personally miss a thing, maybe D will note it and maybe he won’t, but if neither of us dig it then Chris or Kerrie might, and so on. It’s a good way to cover a lot of ground! Except when the thing in question is sort of directly right in your own personal wheelhouse, see, because then when you fan on it it’s not being picked up by friends, it’s just plinking its way down the drain.

Hence this post! I remember when Satanic Punish debuted. I remember listening to about 17 seconds of a single clip and immediately putting them into my to-explore-later pile. And then — this is awful — with limited resources of time and attrition-by-exhaustion-wgaf getting in the way, I pretty much wrote the project off. Oh whatever, I likely thought to myself, they’ll be gone in a year and are probably going to be a letdown anyway.

If a man can’t admit that he’s wrong, then what’s the point of typing out unnecessarily detailed screeds on the Internet? Tweet above, I hit play and felt very good about the whole thing. (I also misread it at first and had all the wrong ideas in my head, but I digress.) Just listen to that! Have mercy. And say, what else is on their Soundcloud?

Huh! What else?

Hm. There’s a lot in here that I didn’t expect, including combos like industrial-meets-easycore! They’re also nothing like any of the groups that I thought they’d be just like! Oh neat!

Anyway, here’s more of “Pray for Satan”:

This owns. Satanic Punish owns. I feel that I have righted a historic wrong. This blog post has gone on for too long and is now over.