At Least WILL-O”s Leaving Us with Some Nice Parting Gifts

It really was sad to hear that WILL-O’ is disbanding in a month’s time. They’re carriers of a hell of an idol legacy reaching back to when the loud stuff was pretty much just a chika thing, and chika idol culture hadn’t (to my knowledge, at least) been nearly as mainstreamed as it would be over the ensuing years. Fittingly they have all the hallmarks of a major group writ just a little bit smaller, with great polish and delivery on the kind of songs that most units wouldn’t have wanted to touch a decade ago. WILL-O’ masters that juxtaposition and makes it work for them.

Anyway, digressions and all, the point is that WILL-O has a month of life left, but on Christmas day dropped a whole album of re-recorded material:

With a couple of new singles thrown in to boot!

They’re very good, in other words. And while I ultimately opted for another notable punk rock idol group’s EP for my pick for 2020, recall how impressed I was with Baby’s Breath and give it a spin for yourself if you haven’t already. I can think of no better way to send off idols than to become suddenly infatuated with their music in the final month of their existence!