NELN Releases ‘REM’ MV

2020 has been a challenge, and people have had to cope the best way they can. Some have been fairly constructive; for others, though, they’re at the point where they’re losing their religion. Everybody hurts sometimes, after all. If you’re here, no matter how you’ve faced down 2020, idol is a respite, and pretty much nobody idoled harder this year than NELN, who this morning dropped their ninth in a series of 12 monthly MVs to commemorate their debut.

Twelve in a row! But why not? If you believe they put a man on the moon, you can believe in NELN having a lot more up their sleeve. Which they clearly do — their work so far has moved around between different flavors of creative rock and pop, and the frequency this time is a nice, subdued feel-good vibe:

Well that’s just nice. Anything that ends with shiny happy people and a very relieved yarn monster is okay with me. But it’s a powerful message nonetheless, because I think we can all relate to losing the one we love. It’s not the end of the world as we know it, though; as long as we have friends or busybody local girls or what have you, you don’t need to stand for anything because your problesm will be solved for you. Actually, I have no idea what the message is.

Three more to go. NELN good.