This Is Both a Review and Not a Review of WILL-O”s Latest in Honor of Their End

Well, gang, I’m super late to the party on this stuff, but I had to do it sometime, and there is literally no time like the present. Maybe it’s still news to you! It certainly was to me when I first found out. But yeah, WILL-O’ is drawing it down and bowing out:

Or, I guess the most accurate way to say it is, they’re going on tour, and then at the end all of the members will graduate, and whether there’s a WILL-O’ after that point remains to be seen (I’ll give it 3:2 odds in favor of “yes”). Still unhappiness though.

The timing of this is super weird to me, too, because, as far as I’m concerned, they released maybe their best-ever record over the summer, and it’s easily one of the best of the year.

I originally wanted to write an actual mini-review of Baby’s Breath the EP, but fate intervened and I never quite got to it, and more timely stuff started to happen and my much more limited output, yada yada, all dumb. As far as the review goes, this is it in summary: Good lord, what a wonderfully cohesive quartet of songs that are all great in their own way! More people need to listen to this! I’d give it four heartbleeds out of five and maybe even an additional one half because let’s not kid ourselves, this is absolutely great and frankly just leaves me wanting more but that’s okay!

It is with exceptionally appropriate timing, then, that WILL-O’ finally dropped the MV to the title track the other day — you can see the raw awesome here for yourself:

I’ll miss WILL-O’, even if there’s something still called WILL-O’ coming back in a few months’ additional time. While it’s not the same group and none of the same people, there’s a very cool historical straight line from WILL-O’ back through Alloy to petit pas! and the big boom of rock-oriented chika idols, and in that regard there’s sort of a constant need to have some iteration of this group around forever. At least with this good a last recording, we always will have them.