Please No End to Aina the End

Cal’s favorite singer, Aina the End of BiSH fame, has always had at least a few toes in other musical waters. Her early solo work, which I do encourage you to check out, shows a young woman who can do just about anything she’d want to. Her more recent material, which I kind of regret only half-mentioning in passing in the Weekender a little while ago (but here you go), is great at showing off her chops; her first full studio album, THE END, is out in February, but she released the first single from it yesterday. Friends, we must do everything we can to protect this gift to humanity.

And if you think that’s lovely but you’re a standard Homicidols Dot Com reader, you’ll probably really dig the B-side, “Niji”, which I’m already making sure Kerrie has as a nomination for 2021’s Best Of. Links for streaming:

We’ve been talking for the approximate real-time life of this fancy-ass idol blog about not if Aina would go solo on a full-time basis, but when, and why break up a good streak yet? She clearly has everything necessary to make a jump to solo work and completely leave idol behind, so either she just likes being part of BiSH that much, or Watanabe/Avex pay her too well too give it up, or something, BUT LET’S NONETHELESS TREAT THIS MOVE AS IMMINENT FOR OUR OWN ONGOING AMUSEMENT.

Aina good.