This Is Why You Should Get the New Satanic Punish Single

Or something! Look, gang, I’ve been pretty direct about my opinion that Satanic Punish owns, and the reason for that is that Satanic Punish friggin’ owns, and they need our support to grow up to be big and strong and make more music that owns.

On Christmas Day, Satanic Punish released a new single in a deliciously sacrilegious move. It is appropriately titled “Alpha Omega.” It is loud and it is idol and it sounds boss af:

That’s it! That’s the clip! And I don’t actually know if this single can be acquired via non-live means and is not yet streaming, but hint hint senpai it should so that I can throw money at Satanic Punish. In the meantime, I say, do the thing! you gaijin wota, and in the meantime treat yourself to this live from the other day that should permanently remove any question in your mind as to whether Satanic Punish does, in fact, own:

And if you’re really lucky, maybe it’s not too late to take advantage of this:

Satanic Punish owns