Your Homicidols Weekender #214: The Christmasing

Merry Christmas! Do good and loving things with yourself today. And then take some dang time off!

Wait, It’s All Gifts?

Jared out here with the best possible synopsis of one of the best possible events of the season:


Here’s a very literal very special Christmas song from Oomori Seiko:

So this is what that BiSH reboot business was all about:

A special gift from MIRI (of WAGAMAMARAKIA fame), related to but only a bonus for their new EP:

If you recall a different MiRi, you may be glad to get some new CLASSMATE CINDERELLA:

You, personally, should enjoy receiving this NEO JAPONISM live; producer-sans out there should thank them for demonstrating how to get sound halfway decent on these things!

YONEKO strikes just in time for Christmas!

Another great late gift? My girl Aya’s DVD:

Idol in Focus Special Random Christmas Stuff Edition

Our friends in NELN celebrating the season:

AYUMIKURIKAMAKI, but especially Maki in antler headgear:

It’s That Girl:

Nothing will fill you with joy quite like being greeted by LiLii Kaona:

Though a Maneki Kecak dance video featuring a reindeer may come close:

And of course we could not cover random things without including THE BANANA MONKEYS:

Kaishin no Ichigeki members doing solo vocal work is always a nice gift:

Here, have BOY MEETS HARU:

Here’s what we can now refer to as BIG Sugarpills:

I promise, you’ll enjoy this Manako dance video:

Many of you will enjoy this gift of a BRATS live album and stuff:

To reiterate: lo-fi idols, the greatest gift of all:

Incoming reboot!

If you needed any help figuring out what you want from Santa Claus, PassCode very helpfully put out the digest version of their new album:

Merry Christmas!