Hell Yes but Oh No? Love BILLIE IDLE with Me

I think that BILLIE IDLE’s LAST ALBUM is gonna be pretty good, you guys. Here’s the lead single:

That’s a lot of ass smackin’!

Of course, given that I at least seriously entertain the notion that this is BILLIE IDLE’s actual last album, I see a nice 80’s-ish throwback song done in a video style that’s 2/3 “Anarchy in the Music Scene” and 1/3 final “nerve”, and those gears really get turnin’.

Like, look at this art:

Is … is that a CORMORANT?? And if so, who’s the duck?!

I don’t know if I want to live in a world without large doses of First Summer Uika in it, or Momo and her … her distinct voice, but idols are like baseball managers, and the end is always somewhere right around the corner. I don’t like how I feel right now, even though I just enjoyed BILLIE IDLE!

2 thoughts on “Hell Yes but Oh No? Love BILLIE IDLE with Me

  1. Uika is not a Idol. She is like a superior being who has come to this world to enlighten all the poor mortals who live in it.

    And i love the new song.

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