Malcolm Mask McLaren’s MV Made My Monday Mondo

Oh man. Oh man! After the previous look at the track (whereupon I failed to communicate well), I’m comfortable in saying that Malcolm Mask McLaren’s new single, “Existence,” was at least going to be good. Now with the MV, yes, let’s not insult anybody with qualifiers on the “good” part:

The MV isn’t actually much to look at — even at their slickest, MMM’s productions tend toward a banal minimalism that show off the members, period — but the song … I wasn’t moved-moved by it the first time around, but I’m either in a better mood for the sucker or have eyes that are open wider, because this rocks like heck. I keep playing it, in another tab!, because I keep getting more impressed by the little things, like that crunchy-ass solo.

This is good. And it’s appropriately good, because now’s a good time to get your stuff together if you want to win any Of the Years, idols! MMM is definitely up for several, and I’d be happy to see “Existence” in the running. And with a “refocus”-themed one-man to close the year out, maybe now’s where MMM does in fact take that step up that I think everybody thought they were making back in the spring with “Bourdeaux.” Not bad for an indie project that I started following when they had a literal few dozen fans!

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