I Genuinely Like the New Banmon Track

I swear up and down, I originally didn’t have much to say (or even think) about Band ja Naimon!’s latest. It was going to be a Weekender addition, no less, a little look in at the latest goings and comings of a group that’s merited a few mentions ’round these parts but is firmly in that grey area between Rocks A Lot and Does Not Rock At All. I mean, they’re always fun as all hell, but so’s Negicco, and I wouldn’t dare suggest that the Onion Idols of Niigata “rock” so much as “ooze damn perfection,” so.

Anyway, Banmon:

See, what I was saying up there? About “fun as all hell?” I think this qualifies, no? I realize that a good bit of the discussion to date has focused on the /ahem/ outfits, but this is a music website I will only mention in passing that the outfits are a focus of many so as to more cromulently make the point that it’s actually a pretty good song! And don’t let the outfits distract you from the fact that this is, in fact, a good song!

I personally happen to like a lot of Banmon’s other work more, true, but I didn’t call this post I Like This One New Song by Band ja Naimon! a Little Less Than Usual But It’s Still Okay You Guys, I said that I genuinely like it, and I do, and while I’m aware that the exceeding bulk of idol fandom (especially in these circles) is male and attracted to female, not to mention the presence of plenty of female attracted to female, and that showing lots of cleavage and leg etc. is a bona fide way to win the hearts (at least) of many of the same, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a pretty good song!

That’s a really long sentence! And I’m not even remotely done unpacking all of the stuff that I actually have to say about the topic, but this is a Banmon post, so I’ll leave it at: So did you like the dang song or not? This one’s like splitting the difference between sheer denpsanity and a slightly more level-headed approach to an idol song with a lot of energy. It’s fine!

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