At Last, a New Zenkimi Single

For one day at least, idol is radiating heat and excitement and fun again. Even some of the most essential players in our corner of the game are meaningfully (for a Westerner, at least) active. Like: Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da! New single! Nameless!

Not to be confused with a certain nameless idol nor any previous Zenkimi songs

It’s a wait until December, but fine. FINE. I had feared that Codomomental had popped their shot for the second half of the year after Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s debut (though the second is impending), and that Tsurezure single remains a mystery as to when it comes to life, so getting another Zenkimi release before year’s end is a nice bonus. It might even be enough to convince me that this wasn’t an almost completely butt year for idol!

2 thoughts on “At Last, a New Zenkimi Single

  1. You think this year was pretty subpar too? Glad it’s not just me. Definite good stuff in the idol world, but not nearly as much/as high quality as last year IMO. Thought maybe I was just looking in the wrong places or my interest was fading.

    When I think about my year-end top 40, I definitely don’t see 4 of the top 5 being Japanese like in 2016. Probably the best year in recent memory for Western music.

    Glad I discovered Zenbu Kimi No Seida this year too. But surprise surprise, another group that drops members like bags of sand…

    “Kagome Kagome” may have saved us all, though!

    • Like, this was a year of a few really great releases, some good ones, a whole bunch of okay ones and some genuinely bad ones, and overall really missing more or better entries from some of the biggest dogs. I don’t know if it was timing or what.

      There were some really great debuts though, and great practically-debuts, and good next steps up, so at least it wasn’t a total wash. And now, at least for a few days here, things are heating up again.

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