Your Homicidols Weekender #49

How’s it going out there, team? It could not be a more perfect autumn weekend lined up here at Maniac Mansion, so of course I’m going to be spending it doing things that are not just not particularly seasonally appropriate, but are also not terribly enjoyable. Like doing a full system flush on the Maniacmobile! Great times.

Idol’s been in a weirdly doldrums kind of state lately, but the Weekender is oddly full of goodness. Take your time with this one, play the Fun, see if you share in my existential terror that idol+heaviness is in decline, and find time to have a nice, big glass of cider. You deserve it.

Well That Was Equanimous Of You, Maniac

Hey, remember MNL48? And how a bunch of people supported Shazy, who kind of dropped off the face of the planet I think? Well, we have another chance: Osie, who you may have encountered on Facebook, has decided to audition in a BiS shirt and doing her best hengao. We are obligated to support this person! Create an account on the MNL48 site (it’s easy, but you do need to fake a real Filipino phone number), and give her some likes!

Down goes Babymetal Newswire:



I told you it was worth it:


Even TGU gets in on the idols-and-art thing!

Ishido Natsumi is too damn good for being with her crappy company:

Arisaka Emi is good, but not quite so much:

This is why Philosophy no Dance is so damn great:

Similarly Ten Tenko:

Damn, Tenri’s leaving Cure:

It’s seriously a shame that the other Lucifer isn’t allowed on YouTube:

Did you hear the new one from Oyasumi Hologram?

Rinka from PiGU and CECiL and isn’t there another unit, too? has a solo single:

This is terrible:

If you love Minna no Kodomo-chan like you should, support them getting their video upon the big screen!

Rie sad!

A sugartrap piano cover? More like sugoitrap piano cover!

I’ll show myself out, thanks

STARMARIE dance cover?

It’s a good day for more FunFunFun:

This is a surprisingly sweet little thing by Kamen Joshi:


You’ll see some familiar faces in this promo for Bell Fes Unplugged:

Have a super weekend!

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