Celebrate Idol Halloween by Fan-revisiting One of the Greatest Terrors of All

It’s a Halloween gift from the Deuce himself! Bekah and Ashley, who are probably the greatest idol fans of all, have graced the world with a special holiday edition of their dance cover series. This time? Motherhubbard “STUPiG”!

Why aren’t more of you people doing this?! “Oh, I have a podcast.” YOUR PODCAST IS NOTHING IN THE FACE OF DANCE COVERS. Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing in wotahood that’s as cool as a devoted dance cover, except definitely a website, which trumps all other fan efforts and can only be measured in terms of terrible jokes made per post.

I won’t even knock Bekah and Ashley for not replicating the iconic “STUPiG” video; it’s probably hard to find cyberpunk biomechanical torture devices in the desert, so we’ll give them a pass on not exactly matching the set from the original. Instead, buy them a friggin’ round!

That’s +2 btw