Gekijo-ban Has a Message for You

Everybody knows how idol works by now, the synergistic relationship between idol and wota, the oft-unrealized mutual draw to one another resulting in either a meaningful existence or complete dissolution*. But while every White T-shirt Guy spends hours and gold on his idols, what does he get in return? A few moments of chit-chat and an insta photo? All the wota ever wants is recognition that the idol cares about and respects them as well!

Gokigen Teikoku to the rescue!

To be honest, I was expecting more out of Gekijo-ban, or at least something weirder. Am I crazy for thinking that this sounds like a slightly louder version of “Romeo’s Heart”? I say no! It’s a nice song of course, and their rapidly growing fanbase will no doubt be satisfied and probably continue to grow.

The power (and flexibility, and freedom, and etc.) of truly indie idols continues to glow. Gekijo-ban somehow manages to hit all of the right notes.

*Sartre would have loved idol

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