Malcolm Mask McLaren Tried to Sneak One Past Us

Edited to reflect why Maniac shouldn’t write after midnight

Idols should always be on Soundcloud. It is good! However, upon joining Soundcloud, idols should make more of a show of displaying that to fans. Get some subscribers lined up, you know? Tease out demos. Do stuff!

Instead, Malcolm Mask McLaren, who are suddenly way more important than I think even they could have anticipated* and might actually be up to the task, took a more low-key approach. I mean, if I were moving onto a new medium, and I had a bitchin’ new track to share with the world, I’d make a little more of that release, you know?

Thank you, Mr. Major

That’s absolutely fantastic. MMM’s always been as good as anybody, and they’ve had a really nice run over the past couple of years, but am I crazy for thinking that this is their literal best foot forward? And without Nao? That is, with the whole new structure? (And how is Ai doing without Shiori-senpai to look up to, btw?) The new single is coming with a good bit of touring to support it:

And that one-man at the end of the year? Hold me

Also, personal favorite Malcolm Mask McLaren note? Management’s absolute dedication to some of the least accurate the worst genre descriptions possible. Going with “melodic hardcore” at least made sense, despite it not being tremendously accurate; “easycore” makes me think of a lot of things, none of which sound anything like “Existence,” which does pass by the standards of that label, but also do remind me of mumblecore and why I knew that I had no future in the film industry. There are too many -cores!

*I’m just saying, gnarly indie punk rock idols lost their standard bearer; somebody’s got to pick up that slack, no matter how good Blast Girls turn out to be

2 thoughts on “Malcolm Mask McLaren Tried to Sneak One Past Us

  1. I don’t know, I have not listened to much Easycore, but this doesn’t sound 100 million miles away from the stuff i have heard?

    • I was confused for a second, but then I gathered myself up and realized that I wrote a bad sentence. Emphasis should’ve been on the thoughts evoked. I know my New Found Glory! Which, you know, I guess that’s about all you need to get the sound.

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