Are You Ready for the Most Prog Idol Song You’ve Ever Heard?

I first saw this sucker a few days ago, you guys, and I’m still not sure what I think of it, except that it’s Sunday and something that I think you might enjoy.

Say hello to Futari Opposite (Twitter):

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

They’re super new! Like, two weeks old. I’m trying to figure out if one of these girls is ex-Nana Hamu to Yaki Udon, but failing miserably. On the one hand, red and blue! On the other, what a weird thing to do. And besides, there’s another ex-of that project debuting relatively soon, and I think that’s too coincidental.

If you know for sure, tell me

But yeah, red and blue, which is how they express opposites. And hence some of how that song is put together, with rock and pop etc. put together in a glorious 7-minute pharmacopeia. It’ll be interesting to see this come together; they debut on the 20th.

10 thoughts on “Are You Ready for the Most Prog Idol Song You’ve Ever Heard?

  1. I actually really like this. I shared the video with info about them in the Facebook group back when they premiered it.

    Their names are Nagihara Aki & Homma Misaki, both formerly of the group WiLL. They graduated from WiLL on July 27.

  2. If genre bending insanity is prog, I still think WWD and WWD2 have this beat. If you just want prog, I can’t look behind 9nine’s Nemureru Mori no Shoujo or Momoclo’s Mouretsu. If prog metal, then the undisputed monolith is still Mugen Regina’s Jigoku Yori.

  3. I second the MomoClo statement. But this song is nice prog in terms of song structure. Just I don’t like its general style. Sounds like boring Styx crossed with nu-metal(?) riffs. Not my favourites.
    But otherwise a good approach, that hopefully will return.

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