Best Of Season Is Upon Us, Folks, So Get Those Nominations In

It’s not yet quite November, but the close of the Best of the Year … year is upon us — for reasons, we closed up part of 2016’s epic festivities, but this time around gives us a full 12 months, November ’16 through November ’17, to reckon. What’s best? What’s worst? What’s next? We all decide!

Kerrie has been keeping track of nominations on a rolling basis here in this spot in the forums, but she also took the process public over the last few days:

Use that pinned tweet to see each category, and each nominee (so far) in each category. Don’t see something that you think merits? Add it here in the comments, or follow Kerrie’s instructions to add via Twitter. You can even chime in via Facebook!, where we’re inclusive.

I will add a few caveats:

  • It’s gotta be idol!
  • It’s gotta be something/someone who actually got covered here on the ol’ site; these ain’t the alt-whatever awards
  • No, the Weekender doesn’t count; the Weekender exists for the things that don’t quite fit
  • Final discretion on nominations is an executive (me!) decision (but don’t worry, I like to keep it interesting)
  • We’ll do a culling-down process in the next couple of weeks, and then do all of the voting in the early part of December

So, for instance, while milcboy is cool and good, milcboy is not an idol, so milcboy and her music and videos aren’t going to be final nominees.

Also, make sure that your voice is heard! Don’t be that person who writes in after things are set to complain that the thing that you like didn’t get a chance — within these very few rules, the tent is a very big one, and it’s incidentally a chance for you to expose some of your personal favorite stuff to bigger audiences.

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