Well, JyuJyu’s New Single Looks Terrifying

I always feel like a doofus for having come onto JyuJyu so relatively late in the game — they weren’t on my radar when I started to build this site, and I only caught up to them well after the original group looked to be dying, but they added two members over the summer and played JAM and … well, given that they’re literally cursed and all, I can say without equivocation that their first release as a reconfigured demon unit looks like the stuff of nightmares.

h/t Straight from Japan for the original tip

You really need to click through on that link to appreciate the full wickedness of that artwork; I feel like I’m looking at concept art from a version of The Passion of the Christ set in a post-apocalyptic New York (and of course directed by John Carpenter for added kicks; Kurt Russell attached to star), and the members are amalgams of the Satan character and the Norns. Basically, bad news.

Oh, and the titles are “Noroi Hajime” (“The Curse Begins,” or something like that), “all lies” and “Sacrifice.” Clearly uplifting music for families!

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