Our Halloween Gift to You: 10 Creepy-ass Idol Videos

Happy Halloween everyone! I bring you the big thing I’ve been working on that wasn’t actually very big at all and Maniac hyped it way too much that now I feel bad. Just go look at the official Homicidols Spotify playlist if you want a much cooler gift from me.

But what Halloween is it without seeing something spooky? Unfortunately, this is an idol blog, so I can’t exactly write about Paranormal Activity or Five Nights at Freddy’s or whatever you kids are into these days, but I can bring you some appropriately spooky idol music videos! Some were submitted by you lovely readers, some I found myself. Lets go into the top 10 creepiest idol music videos!

(A quick warning because as much as I want people to be creeped out by the videos on this list, I don’t want to bring up actual psychological problems, so trigger warnings for blood, violence, suicide, jump scares and probably a few other things. If you’re sensitive, please view at your discretion, okay?)

10. Pretty Pretty Good – POP

The good old days when GANG PARADE were simply known as “POP”, causing a lot of confusion during Google searches. This video is scary, not because it contains any particular horror tropes, but because I spent the whole time watching this cringing because “Jesus Christ, they could have died doing this!”

Try not to feel queasy or anxious as you watch these girls violently swinging pretty much in mid-air, hanging from a crane that looks like it could snap and drop these girls at any second.

9. Mecha Desounara – AndCrazy

A fairly standard idol video except for one thing; Who the hell is that weird-looking dude?! Why is he producing fart demons?! Fart demons with absurdly human faces!

This is actually the protagonist of Ondara Gorou, an anime about an anthropomorphic fart that gives advice to those less fortunate. Because that exists. I wonder what problem AndCrazy are having to require the assistance of a fart?

8. Makai Shinju – Shiina Pikarin

This is a case where the lyrics are arguably scarier than the music video, when you take into consideration that this song is supposedly about committing double-suicide. That said, Pikarin being chased through hallways by someone in a cartoonish ghost costume is like a scene straight from a slasher movie. Which brings us to the question: If you threw a bunch of your favourite idols into a slasher film, who would survive, who would die, and who would be the killer? [Maniac: This. This is a very good idea for a game.]

7. Crazy Party Night – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Its debatable whether Kyary is even an idol, or if this music video is legitimately scary, but what is certain is that both the music video and the song capture the spirit of Halloween perfectly. Heck, the song itself is about celebrating Halloween! The music video fits the playful, mischeivous mood the song sets as Kyary explores the worlds most colourful haunted house. You’ve got to admit though; Kyary cooking a baby and a dinosaur-chicken-chimera thing is definitely unsettling. As is the ending; is the camera man dead? And that creepy clown dude watching TV, ew. Overall, this is a spooky video that you would show to your kids to give them the spooks; more Goosebumps than the Babadook.

6. Skulls in the stars – NECRONOMIDOL

I love this music video. I’m a sucker for retro video game idol videos, and whoever was in charge of this video did a stellar job. The scariest part of this video are definitely those big, boss battle monsters, that look like something straight out of the late 80s. Can you imagine playing NECRONOMIDOL: The Video Game as a child and freaking out over those gross tentacle demons? You’re even taking orders from a gross tentacle demon! You have to avoid flying skulls, which is part badass, part horrifying! “Skulls in the Stars” tugs right at nostalgia/nightmares of retro gamers everywhere.

5. Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku (360 Idol Whisper Version) – Angerme

With a name like Angerme, you’d think that this group would be already listed on Homicidols.com, however, they are actually the renamed Hello! Project group S/mileage, and thus most of their discography is fairly standard yet high-quality idol pop. (Their name is actually a a blend of “Angel” and “Larme” (“tears” in French), not “Anger Me”). This “special edit” of “Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku” was unexpected for a lot of fans. It starts off with what looks like a practice session, the song kicks in and then suddenly glitching?! The girls running away? Jumpscare hands?! What the hell?!

(Added note, if you want another Angerme Halloween vid, check out “Mahou Tsukai Sally“. Not scary in the slightest but the video is full of them goofing off in cute witch costumes. Something to comfort you after this and the rest of the list.)

[Maniac note: I am totally one of those people who went “OH COOL ANGERME what is that like some kind of NYHC idol unit?” and then was pretty disappointed.]

4. I Kill – Deep Girl

This video starts with a suicide attempt. Well, that’s a good start. To be honest, I’d be disappointed if a video for a song named “I Kill” didn’t have something scary. However, I found this music video more depressing than scary. Seeing that poor girl be bullied to the point of self-harm and suicide is incredibly upsetting, especially if you’re someone who has experienced bullying, like myself. Kids are cruel.

3. STUPiG – BiS

You can check out my analysis of this video in more detail in the article I wrote as part of Know Your BiStory, but to sum up what is scary about this video in few words: KuchiSaki Onna (geddit?)

2. Vulture – Necronomidol

NECRONOMIDOL’s whole existence is spooky to be quite honest. You can tell just by their name. And this video I find takes a more subtle kind of creepiness compared to some of the other videos on this list. The first half of the music video, nothing much really happens, yet there is something very unsettling about it all; the girls lack of emotion both in their vocals and their facial expressions, the baby, Sari’s signature cheek spider, the retro toys that really belong in a more cheerful idol video. Something just feels off. Then we reach the halfway point and things get eerie as we’re treated to a painting of the grim reaper himself holding a woman’s bloodied head, and rapid closeups of teeth and bones. The video ends with Necroma dressing up and going out to commit some good old voodoo atrocities. Watching the closing scene with the voodoo doll makes me wince at the thought of their poor victim.

1. Beginner (Uncensored Version) – AKB48

In case the video doesn’t render because Facebook is a butt

Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes the scariest moments are the ones you don’t expect, as evident with this and also the previously mentioned Angerme video. Members of 48 groups have been known to appear in horror films, but nobody was expecting an official music video that is essentially a virtual reality slasher film. Turns out, idol massacres are only appropriate in movies, as this video was so controversial that it was pulled from TV and replaced with an edit that cut out the violent scenes. I couldn’t even find this version on Youtube, so here’s a video pulled from the scariest thing in this whole article, Facebook. Maeda Atsuko screaming in pain for an uncomfortably long time gave me chills and burst my eardrums.

So there’s the top 10 creepiest music videos as chosen by myself and you. Maybe if we get more scary idol videos in 2017 I could do another list next Halloween? So if there was any I missed, please post a comment on idol videos you found creepy! Enjoy your candy/booze/candy soaked in booze and happy Halloween from me and everyone else at Homicidols.com!

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