JyuJyu’s New MV Is Suitably Horrifying

I was completely asleep on JyuJyu’s new single, for shame, and of course this all dovetails with Halloween.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be haunted, stalked and murdered by human curses, and film the entire thing? Get a gander at “Noroi Hajime”:

My guy Pure Idol Heart provides!

Idol nightmare, indeed!

That’s not at all unsettling! How many times does a person wake up from the nightmare of being killed in a variety of brutal ways, over and over again, dreams on top of dreams, until the madness breaks them … and that was JyuJyu’s objective all along!?

And maybe worst of all — JYUJYU SOMEHOW GOT INTO YOUR HOUSE!

I mean, that doesn’t shy away from anything, does it? Very cool concept, nice delivery.

Oh, right, and there’s music! Yes! And it’s … I mean, haunting, beautiful vocal melodies over cleaned-up metalcore. I loved it. That chorus is going to be stuck in me like a knife to my heart for a good long while.

Welcome back, JyuJyu. I guess it’s all real now.

And! Remember, nominations are still happening, and this song/video is a good example of why we keep these things loosely open all the way up until we hold our final votes. If anybody thinks this should be nominated in any category, just say so.