For Halloween, Create Your Own Idol Nightmare

Hey gang! This is usually the Kerrie spot in the week, but she’s in the midst of working up her … I think it’s a gift? gift for you all in honor of Halloween (you can still submit to her), so I’m stepping in to deliver on the promise I made earlier in the week.

Yep! We celebrated idol dreams earlier in the week (see below); now it’s time to recoil in terror at your idol nightmares. And the best part is, this is an actual contest. The prize? NECRONOMIDOL’s NEMESIS on vinyl.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make the gif, Photoshop, pencil drawing, meat sculpture, whatever that represents a nightmarish idol scenario. Interpret that as you will. As long as it’s nightmarish, it’ll work.
  • Bloody? Sure. Hellish? Why not. Spooky? Zombie? Alien? Slasher? Vampire? Cyber? All and more are great if you can pull it off.
  • Stick it in the comments here, add it on Twitter using the #IdolNightmare hashtag, add it to the post on Facebook, email it to me, whatever. Just make sure the submission is made by 9:00 p.m. ET. on Sunday
  • We’ll hold a community vote on Monday to determine the winner.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for funny. Bonus points will always be awarded for funny.

Examples (by me):

necroma-kill yuffy-eyes

The prize to the winner is, yes, Necroma on vinyl. This is my personal copy, and I apologize ahead of time for the crease in the sleeve (I think it happened during shipping, but I won’t discount wound-by-cat). I’ll ship anywhere as long as you’re willing to cover any customs fees that come up.

And now, my personal favorite #IdolDream submission:

I had a dream that I was the president. I hired Hanako-san to follow me around and scream at, hit stupid people. I’m gonna have to give that girl a raise. It’s a full time job here in America. (via)

Solid. Topical!

8 thoughts on “For Halloween, Create Your Own Idol Nightmare

  1. One might argue that every 2-shot cheki an idol takes with a (male) wota qualifies as nightmare fuel, lol!

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